Three Months ago, June 20 2016, I presented my female dominant task list to Sweetness for her review. We were settling down for the night and I wanted to show her how I planned to start caring for her. We were a week away from entertaining guests at our house and the place was a wreck (like normal). Preparing for company has always been stressful and the house never stays in that condition despite our constant resolutions that ‘This time we’re going to keep it like this’.

Two weeks prior, a switch was flipped for me that opened the door to my love being the dominant partner. She had to pick me up from an event and I threw out (for fun role playing) that she should make me strip and masturbate for the ride home as punishment for her spending time to retrieve me. She agreed, so I stripped and went to work. Half way through our 30 minute car ride She noticed I was starting to lose my steam so she started asking about why I thought I would like her to dominate me. That did the trick.

When we got home she told me to sit on the couch. Eyeing me up, she stripped off her clothes and straddled me. I love this position. She looks so beautiful. I was starting to get really worked up when she said “You’re being punished so you better not come in me”. A little confused, and very turned on (and wanting to hear that again) I quarried “You mean I can’t come in you?” “That’s right, and I don’t like repeating myself” was the reply. I just about lost it right there.

Over those two weeks we did a bunch of low key role playing that put Sweetness in the driver’s seat and I was getting really turned on. I began to think back through our relationship and all the things she has done for me and I decided I was going to start doing things for her to make her life easier. It would start by helping to get ready for this party. I would do whatever she asked that week to prepare.

We had talked about her being dominant over the last week and she was not that interested. I knew it was her paradigm and how she figured it would all be about her standing over me with a leather corset and whip asking me to beg for sex. When we sat down and I showed her the list she was surprised. It was all about her and what she would be receiving from me and there was no item on the list that mentioned sex.

She didn’t say much and I could tell things were running through her mind. It seemed to be acceptable but I had to know for sure. We turned the light out and I spooned up behind her. “Does the list sound ok to you?”. A soft “Yes.” was the only reply she gave. “Then I am committing to begin serving you by undertaking these tasks starting when I wake tomorrow.

Three months later, Our house has never stayed this clean after ‘party prep’. I like Wonderland and don’t think I want to leave.



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