Enticed by my fantasies of Sweetness controlling our sex and wanting to minimize her stress level while preparing for a party, I began to craft a list of tasks I would do to ease her life and make our home more pleasing. Our housekeeping, up to this point, has been poor. We do a bare minimum and clutter just keeps piling up. We fight back occasionally for holidays and special events but it has been short lived.

I was reflecting on the fact that we have a lot of sex and that Sweetness is very amenable to participating with me. If my drive was not so high I don’t think she would indulge this much. There are many times we are having sex where it is less about passion and more about just intimately connecting. There are times during some of these less passionate interludes where Sweetness looks disconnected and not really into it. This makes me feel like the act is one sided and she is not enjoying it. I don’t like that. I want her to enjoy the experience.

I recently came to realize that although we have a lot of sex and I am the one who desires it more often, it is Sweetness who really controls if we do anything and what we do. The reason is that I am up for sex 99.9% of the time. (Are you familiar with Nickelback’s S.E.X. song?) and she is less so. I am also up for a lot of variety and she is less so. A typical evening conversation asking about sex would go something like this:

Me: Are you up for something?

Sweetness: Sure, what do you want to do?

Me: How ’bout X or Y or Z?

Sweetness: How ’bout A?

Me: OK!

This is what got me started on her list. I had already told her I would do whatever she wanted for the week leading up to the party in order to be prepared for it, now I wanted to follow through and keep doing things for her because she had been giving me so much for so long.

To partially code the list I termed it the ‘fD Tasks’ for ‘Female Dominant’. Before anyone blasts me for making the ‘f’ lowercase, I will explain that it was entirely for the art of a distinct symbol. The small ‘f’ leading makes the abbreviation stand out. I also used tasks rather than chores as I wanted to stay away from my negative feeling of the word ‘chores’. They seemed like something you had to do but didn’t want to. I wanted these to be things I wanted to do for Sweetness.

So, here is the original list with a brief explanation of each one. We typically review my performance every weekend and make updates to the list bi-monthly. Those with a clutter-free home may find some of these items a very small part of a larger job.  For us, sometimes getting to the starting line is the bigger battle.

High Importance Level

  • Apply lotion when asked.

Sweetness likes to use body lotion

  • Provide pedicure monthly (25th day)

I have done these for special treats in the past and know she likes it.

  • Provide foot / back massages (weekly)

I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a back rub and I added foot massage because it felt very giving. Turns out Sweetness really likes foot massages and I have not missed a day providing them for her.  

  • Cleaning all dirty dishes in Kitchen.

There are always dirty dishes lying around on the counter. Since we had it cleaned, I proposed I would keep it that way by washing all dishes on the counter. This did not include getting them from anywhere or putting them away.

  • Keeping counter clear and clean.

This has always been a struggle. Mostly mail but also everything else that gets dropped there. 25 square feet of counter and none of it visible.  

  • Keeping stove and sink clean.

The sink always had clean dishes drying and dirty dishes stacked next to it. The stove was never wiped off as a matter of routine.    

  • Keeping kitchen & dining room tables clear of superfluous items

We would struggle to keep one of these partially clear. Both were never clear at the same time for more than a few days.

  • No use of sweetness’s razors

She is very particular about me using her razor for my body.


Medium Importance Level

  • Keep body smooth & stubble free

I am to keep my face, abdomen, genitals, and legs smooth and hair free and she does not want to feel stubble when we are up against each other.                 

  • Keeping master bath sinks, counter, shower clean of hair and powder

I would wipe down my sink every few days but Sweetness would do hers less often. This proposed to clear hair and makeup powder from the sinks and shower on a daily basis.   

  • Fold & put away our laundry

After laundry was washed and dry, I will fold and put it away. Many times is would be left in the dryer.

  • Keep erect cock from poking stomach.

It is a pet peeve of Sweetness to be poked in the stomach with my stiff cock. I will refrain from pushing it up against her without her permission.


Low Importance Level

  • Make bed each morning.

Our bed was never made. Only if the area was needed for organizing items or wrapping presents.       

  • Not getting come on sheets

I am to keep us from having to sleep in wet spots.

  • Insure hoochie coo is sufficiently wet when needed.

Includes insuring cock is well lubed. This is to keep from chafing and irritating Sweetness’s private parts.

  • Insure hoochie coo is clean

Keep Sweetness’s hoochie coo shaved smooth and clean.

Sweetness was surprised at the items listed and wanted to give it a try. She reviewed the list and placed them in levels of importance to her. This was our start and my initial commitment to server her and let her govern me.


2 thoughts on “Female Dominant Task List #1

  1. This is a wonderful list! I have many of the same household chores, which will be represented in our contract. I like the idea of the pedicure…that was something that I used to do for Daddy once in while that he really liked…just the washing, lotion-ing, and foot rub part 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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