“Wow! You are amazingly efficient.”  That made me feel good and I appreciated Sweetness praising my work. She had tasked me with outside chores for the entire day and had a list of about a half dozen items. Item one was to weed and edge a landscape bed that was neglected since the beginning of summer.

The planting area has about 140 lineal feet of edge and is roughly the size of a one bedroom apartment. Within ninety minutes I had cleared virtually the entire area and all but about 20 feet of edge. Four massive piles of discarded vegetation lay around the perimeter. This would take me six trips with the wheelbarrow loaded to the point of a circus act to remove.

She retreated back inside after spurring me on with her praise, kiss, and cock groping. Left alone with my task I got back to work and began to fantasize about Sweetness, replaying her comment in my mind. “You are amazingly efficient.” I reveled in the compliment. It was not the first time she has told me that. I often surprise her at my effectiveness at doing outdoor, physical labor.

That’s when the image from The Matrix came to me. My submission to Sweetness had become clear. I was her instrument to get more accomplished. I was her APU and she was the operator. In the movie (Revolutions) APU’s (Armored Personnel Unit) are the massive robotic extensions of an individual that were used to defend the city of Zion.


Sweetness does not have the muscle and endurance I have but she now controls that muscle and endurance in our Female Led Relationship or her Dominance over me. It would have taken her most of the day to accomplish what I did in ninety minutes.

I related this to her later as it was a revelation that she could now wield that “amazingly efficient” muscle to accomplish her deeds on her schedule. I love the APU analogy and it makes me feel more powerful thinking that Sweetness is in my driver’s seat getting done what she wants done.


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