While I’m manicuring Her nails, I think of how I can do better in my service. It’s typically not a time to talk as She is usually reading. Sometimes, I cannot keep quiet. This is especially true if I think of something that I feel could move our relationship ahead.

I was putting myself in Sweetness’s shoes and trying to think of what I have done for Her and what I could do for Her. Then I realized, it doesn’t really matter what I think, it matters what She thinks. What would be her perfect world? This was the pressing question I felt had merit to interrupt her reading.

So I took a breath, “May I ask you a question?” I continued rounding the nail tip of Her right index finger. She paused in her reading. “Sure.” Sometimes, things I ask do not go over well but I didn’t want to hesitate with this and make it seem difficult to get out. “If you could have everything you want, what would it be?”

It didn’t take long for Her to answer. The context of being in the middle of a pampering manicure may have influenced Her replay as it was geared towards things I could improve through my service towards Her.

  1. “I would like a neat and clean house that I would be proud to have someone visit at any time without having to do anything beforehand.”
  2. “I would like the landscape beds manicured with crisp edges, no weeds, and maintained. This is to include the driveway.”
  3. “I would like the garage construction finished.”

It is a tall order but I’m pleased it’s in line with my service to Her and something I am capable of doing with some drive and motivation behind me. I want so much to please Her and help Her see how special She is to me. I want to make Her desires a reality. I want Her to push me through my own mental limitations to provide this for Her. With Her grace and guidance I’m sure I can succeed at this.


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