Two months after offering my submission to Sweetness our original task list (that I am responsible for) has evolved and expanded. The original areas I started taking responsibility for have maintained their cleanliness and order and Sweetness has added more tasks and responsibilities as she feels I am able to effectively complete them.

We started down this path to provide Sweetness with a relaxing home environment that would be created for her and to help make her life easier and less stressful. It was also done to maintain clean areas and expand that cleanliness to other areas of the home. This has been accomplished by my submission to her in acknowledgement for everything sexually she does for me. We view the first two months as a great success.

The following ‘fD Tasks’ (‘Female Dominant Tasks’) is the revised task list as of August 20th 2016. The comments under each task note how it has evolved over those initial two months.

High Importance Level

  • Apply lotion when asked.

No change

  • Provide pedicure every three weeks

Once a month was too long.

  • Provide daily foot / weekly back massages

The weekly foot massages instantly became daily massages as Sweetness felt very cared for with them.

  • Clear, Clean, and put away all dishes.

This was expanded to include cleaning any dish regardless of location and putting the clean dishes away. The change firmly marked cleaning up and putting away all dishes (including cooking items) as my responsibility.

  • Keeping counter, sink, and stove clear and clean.

No change, just condensed to one line

  • Clean kitchen appliance surfaces.

A new task including the front of the dishwasher, trash compactor, refrigerator, and microwave.

  • Keeping kitchen & dining room tables clear of superfluous items

No change.

  • No use of sweetness’s razors

No change.

  • Perform Sweetness’s bidding when asked

A new task added as a catch all for anything that may come up.

  • Weekly Non-sexual worship of Sweetness

A new task added to provide 30 minutes of preening and rubbing Sweetness’s body with no sexual overtone.

  • No lying, truth bending / blaming, or fD directing

A new task added to show my honesty and take responsibility.


Medium Importance Level

  • Keep body smooth & stubble free

No change.

  • Keeping master bath sinks, counter, shower clean of hair and powder

No change.

  • Fold & put away our laundry

No change.


Low Importance Level

  • Make bed each morning.

No change.

  • Sex Etiquette

Combined several items of similar content including; insuring cock is well lubed, keep cock from poking Sweetness’s stomach, hoochie coo is clean and shaved smooth, hoochie coo is well lubed for sex, and no cum gets on sheets.


2 thoughts on “Female Dominant Task List #2

  1. I love seeing how this has evolved! I am responsible for making sure there is no cum on our sheets too. And, Daddy likes to be cleaned up with a warm, wet towel after love making…you might try that with Sweetness!

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