Our record for the most sex in one day is fourteen times, which only counts intercourse, no other form of sexual stimulation. We have done this ‘Day of Sex’ event sporadically over the past few years and usually average around ten times per day.

Having recently become aware of my submissive tendencies and reflecting back that there were tell-tale signs of this growing desire for years, I realized I enjoy and thrive on all aspects of Sweetness’s control of me. I started yearning for that control over when I would cum or would not. It excites me to be on the verge of climaxing and have her tell me, “You cannot cum right now. You will have to wait.” Or “Oh yeah, I want to feel you cum in me. Do it now.”

About two weeks ago, we were talking about having a Day of Sex which we termed Fuckfest (or Funfest depending on how carnal we were feeling). I mentioned it might be fun to have me abstain from orgasms until the end of the Funfest day to see if it improves my performance. Some of the sex interludes during previous festival days have been brief and without a full erection. This makes it less erotic and more like a goal to be completed. Sweetness considered the fact that refraining me from orgasm may improve my performance.  She decided it would be worth a test run for this Saturday. My last orgasm was two days aprior so it would provide five days with no release.

We continued with sex for the two days prior to the newly coined “Funfest” while maintaining an orgasm ban on my end. Sexual stimulation seemed more intense knowing I had to control myself and not release. On the third day (Funfest) I nearly came several times, barely managing to make it to 9:00 PM. That was the hour when Sweetness allowed me to have my orgasm. I am very happy we were alone in the house as I do not recall ever being that vocal before. It was a bit embarrassing because I could hear myself but I could not control the sound or loudness. We ended up tying our record of fourteen times for the day.

I enjoyed the entire experience and the control of my orgasm by Sweetness was as exciting as I had fantasized it. I wanted to ask how she felt of the experience but I thought it would be better to wait and give her time to process. And she was processing. As it turns out, less than twenty four hours later Sweetness asked me if I enjoyed it and if I would like to do it again. But that is another story.


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