We were driving to a park in northern New Jersey on a sunny and unseasonably warm, late October morning. The fall foliage was just past its peak but still vivid. I had been quiet most of the drive, reflecting on our relationship and not wanting to start a ‘sex talk’. “Do we have anything scheduled for next weekend?” Sweetness asked as we were nearing the park. “No, not really.” She continued, “I was thinking of having another FunFest Saturday. Is it too soon or would you like that?”

There was a long pause as conflicting thoughts ran through my head. I loved the buildup and passion of yesterday’s sex and how I was being made to control my orgasm for several days in order to be more responsive to Sweetness. It did work and I was very motivated and ready to engage in sex with her. The down side was at the end of the day when I asked her if it felt better, her response was that it was about the same. This made me feel like it was all just for me and that is not what I wanted. Having her ask for another FunFest so soon had me intrigued. I was very much hoping that she was asking because she wanted to do it rather than doing it for my benefit.

After we talked it through, I realized that although the physical part was the same, Sweetness enjoyed how quickly I achieved an erection and how animated I was in the joy of having sex with her. It did heighten my desire and senses so the orgasm control experiment confirmed that it did have a positive outcome.

Not much was said about having another FunFest after that conversation until after dinner. We were celebrating our newly cleared and clean kitchen desk by having sex over it. Sweetness was bent over the cleared desk as I slowly pumped her from behind. It felt wonderful and I was more vocal than normal – but not to yesterday’s crescendo. I now realize that it was only the second time we had sex since she allowed me to cum in her last night.  She must have picked up on how aroused I was and in the middle of our fun commented softly “maybe you need another Funfest.” “What do you mean” I managed while working to keep my rhythm and not lose control thinking about her comment. “You seem very engaged and I think controlling you orgasm has made you more responsive.” “Thank you Sweetness, I did enjoy the experience.” ‘Good, now it’s time to stop so you have more for later.” I reluctantly withdrew my pulsing cock from her to show my obedience. “I’m looking forward to that.” I stated with a soft smile.

Later that night, I was just finishing Sweetness’s Sunday back massage and she asked for the Sunday Special. The massages are done with me sitting over her thighs. The ‘special’ includes me entering her with my cock while she is lying flat and continuing the back massage. She really responded to the multiple feelings, lifting her hips up for a better angle, when she mumbled into the pillows “I hope you are enjoying this because it may be the last time you cum for a while. I’m considering a FunFest next weekend. I love how big and hard you get. Oh yea. Yea, do it now. Fill me with your cum.” That was all I needed to immediately explode inside her. “So we are going to do this again?” I rasped in heavy breaths. “I’m not entirely sure yet but I like the idea.” She toyed with me.

While I was making dinner the next night I mentioned to Sweetness that I planned to reset her task of replanting the Echinacea bed to Saturday. “You may have to do it in 45 minute increments.” She put out there teasingly. I didn’t want to look to hopeful but I caught the meaning. If we were going to have FunFest, we would need time each hour for sex.

After dinner was finished and I had cleared and washed the dishes, Sweetness suggested we christen the clean kitchen desk again. I was happy for that and it took me no time for my cock to stand up stiff and throbbing. Sweetness bent over the clean desk and I slid my long shaft into her. We both moaned. It did not take long before I was verbally exclaiming how awesome she was and How I loved giving it to her from behind. Almost like she was waiting for me to say that, she calmly replied “I’ve decided you will not be cumming this week so you can be in top performance during our FunFest this Saturday. Her sense of control almost put me over the top. I worked to calm my urge to release my love into her body at that very second. Wanting to test the boundaries of the decree I queried, “Would that happen to begin after we’re finished here?” “No. You are not to cum until I say you can Saturday night.” Fortunately for me, pain began to grip my knees and it helped keep me from disobeying Sweetness’s order mere seconds after it was given.

We composed ourselves and went to the living room to watch a movie. Sweetness stroked my cock for the last third of the movie with no sign of my erection losing any firmness. She looked at me and smiled “More sex than you ever had. Let’s go to bed where I can nibble and lick you ear while I tell you how you will not be cumming until the end of Saturday.”

Minutes later we were doing exactly that, with the benefit of her also stroking my cock. “I want to do this for you Sweetness.” I urged and she raised my heart rate. “I will obey you and not cum until Saturday.” “Good. I like to hear that.” She replied confidently. “Now, go turn off the lights. We will be kicking off this orgasm restriction with me denying you sex tonight.” “You’re wish is my command.” I stated, staring as her naked body and my pulsing cock. I would do anything for her right now and unfortunately for me it meant trying to fall asleep with a raging erection. I was consoled with the joy of her controlling my sex for the next six days. I couldn’t wait to get started.


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