Four months after offering my submission to Sweetness, my responsibilities have evolved and expanded again. The areas I have taken responsibility for have, for the most part, maintained their cleanliness and order and Sweetness has again added more tasks and responsibilities to my commitment.

The details and background of the FemDom Task List are in the two previous Blogs with a similar name.

The following ‘fD Tasks’ (‘Female Dominant Tasks’) is the revised task list as of October 15th 2016. The comments under each task note how it has evolved over the past two months.

Importance Levels have been dropped as all tasks are important and none are up for discussion to be passed over.

  • Make and Serve Coffee

No Change

  • Apply lotion when asked.

Included in ‘Perform Sweetness’s bidding’ to simplify list

  • Provide pedicure every three weeks and manicures weekly

Added manicures to task

  • Provide daily foot / weekly back massages

No Change

  • Clear, Clean, and put away all dishes.

No Change

  • Keeping entire Kitchen clear and clean.

This was consolidated to include all cleaning in the kitchen and maintain it uncluttered.

  • Keeping kitchen & dining room tables clear of superfluous items

No change.

  • Full Cleaning of Powder Room

New Task added

  • Vacuum & Dust Front Stairs bi-weekly

New task added

  • Vacuum & Dust Living Room bi-weekly

New task added

  • Vacuum & Dust Family Room bi-weekly

New task added

  • Clean Dining Room, Sun Room, Foyer, & Hall Floors

Split from Kitchen and Powder Room floors

  • Clear & Clean Master Bedroom floor – vacuum weekly

New task added

  • Perform Sweetness’s bidding when asked

Expanded with items to consolidate overall list.

  • Weekly Non-sexual worship of Sweetness

No Change

  • No lying, truth bending / blaming, or fD directing

No Change

  • Keep body smooth without Sweetness’s razor

Combined to save room

  • Keeping master bath sinks, counter, shower clean of hair and powder

No change.

  • Do all our laundry

Increased to include entire task.

  • Make bed each morning and change sheets bi-weekly

Added sheet changing and (laundry).

  • Sex Etiquette

No Change

  • Insure trash and recycling is collected and put out

New task added

  • Cook two well balanced dinners each week

New task added


3 thoughts on “Female Dominant Task List #3

    1. I see you found your answer but I’ll give you a bit more insight. I do ask permission but I really dont do that too much as I dont find it nearly as stimulating as begin with Sweetness or doing it for her.
      But the need to ask permission heightens the feeling of my submissiveness to her.

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