I have now been serving Sweetness for six months. The house is in the best condition it has ever been in, but there is a lot yet to be done. The task list has not changed much over the past two months as most daily and weekly items are already included.

The details and background of the FemDom Task List are in the three previous Blogs with a similar name. The following ‘fD Tasks’ (‘Female Dominant Tasks’) is an overview of my responsibilities as of December 20th 2016.

  • Provide daily foot massages & body massages 3 times a week for 15 minutes each.
  • Make and Serve Coffee and other drinks.
  • Provide pedicure every three weeks.
  • Open doors for Sweetness.
  • Take care of cleaning and putting away all dishes and kitchen instruments.
  • Keeping entire Kitchen clear and clean with weekly cleaning of all rooms on 1st
  • Make bed each morning and change sheets bi-weekly. Clear & Clean Master Bedroom floor – vacuum weekly. Full weekly Cleaning of Master Bathroom.
  • Responsible for all our laundry including folding and putting away.
  • Insure trash and recycling is collected and put out.
  • Cook two well balanced dinners each week – nude.
  • Prepare work lunches for days Sweetness goes to office.


There was a breakdown in November where we were not aligned. I was looking for too much and Sweetness was not wanting to participate at that level. I have backed off but have not been as thorough with my tasks. Sweetness has not said anything and is still reluctant to do any punishment. We have given up spankings and I have been coasting since late October.

On the positive side, she has taken to controlling my orgasms. I crave her control and the feeling of her telling me I can’t cum today is more intense that the feeling of her spanking me. This is provided she does it in a sexy, teasing way and not just an off the cuff comment that shows little care or concern.

December marked an unusual turn in my required tasks as Sweetness began making me present her a meal plan for 3 dinners and then cook them, this was done for each of the weeks in December, with me making all dinners from December 26th to January 3rd. I like her cooking and don’t necessarily want to cook but it drives me crazy when she grabs my cock, tongues my ear, and whispers how she wants me to cook for her. I submit instantly and then fantasize about her while I am cooking. I would have never thought I would get raging hard-ons from my wife telling me I need to make her dinner.

We call the cock grabbing, ear tonguing my submissive position as I crumble and want to do anything for her after a brief work up. I love the feeling of that willingness to give her anything and start to crave it if she has not done it in a day or two.


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