After three weeks in a row where Sweetness has basically restricted my orgasms to weekends only, I have developed a strong desire for her to have total control of me sexually. It is very exciting to think of her deciding when I can and when I cannot cum and when we will have sex and what position it will be. I would have never thought something like this would be such a stimulus but I find myself consumed thinking about whether she is going to forbid my orgasms until further notice.

The thought of us waking, her grabbing my cock and whispering in my ear “I have decided you will not be cumming today.” Runs over and over in my mind. I crave her staring me down during sex and saying “I’m glad you are enjoying yourself, but don’t get carried away because I am forbidding you to cum in me right now.” I fixate on her approaching me out of the blue, hugging me, nibbling on my ear, and saying “I was just thinking of how hard you will be Saturday since you are not allowed to cum until then.” Or in the middle of sex, “Oh your cock feels so big, cum in me now. I want to feel you cum in me.”

I love the feel of her control over me. It drives me crazy and make me want to do anything for her. She has capitalized on a weakness I have developed where she will kiss, nibble and tongue my ear, tell me she has something for me to do for her. I agree without even knowing what it is. She then explains what she want while tonguing my ear and I reply “Your wish is my command”. At that point my cock is pulsing with a full erection and I beg her for sex. She has also applied this technique in the middle of sex and it puts us both into a frenzied state. She can feel my cock swell inside her as she commands me to obey her.

Sweetness has consumed all my thoughts. My fantasies are all about what she will do to me next and what service I will provide for her. Her control of my orgasm is in its infancy and although I felt a strong internal desire for it, I was unsure how it would work and she was opposed to it. We have both seen benefits from her control of me and it has been fun to explore. I think part of the initial objection was about complete denial. That was off the table in both our minds but control, “yes, you may, but only when I say’ is so hot.”


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