One of the first acts of submission and kindness I could think of to serve Sweetness was to massage her feet. The initial plan was to caress her feet once a week. Somewhere around day three the foot massages became a daily treat. The time spent rubbing her feet felt like I was truly giving go her without receiving anything in return. To Sweetness, she felt loved, pampered, and cared for.

Over the 8 months I have been serving Sweetness there have only been a handful of days that she did not receive a foot massage. After missing the first night due to a trip where we were not together, it was discussed and decided that just because the nightly massage could not or did not happen, she should not be deprived of that quality time. Therefore, additional massage time would be added to following nights to make up for the lost time.

Sweetness has grown quite fond of the massage time before bed. She commented to me a few months back how much she looks forward to going to bed and having some time to unwind and relax. About 5 or 6 months ago additional time was added to two night a week as a worship session. These sessions typically include shoulder massage, scalp massage, and hair brushing. Occasionally they have included foot kissing.

The amount of time spent massaging Sweetness’s feet has begun to create a foot fetish for me. I really enjoy touching her feet and it is so hot and sexy to kiss and lick them. I fantasize about rubbing my cock between her feet and coming on them or just having her press her feet against my man parts and massage me with them.


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