It was an average weekday evening where I just finished cleaning up after dinner.  We both had a tiring day at work and Sweetness was looking forward to her worship time. “I know we just finished dinner and it is a little early but I want your worship session now.”  “Yes Sweetness, Your wish is my command.” I replied as we retired to the bedroom where we got comfortable on the bed I had made that morning. “Remove your clothes. I want you naked while you worship me.” She commanded while removing her own top. “Yes Sweetness.” I disrobed completely and positioned myself behind her.

Beginning with my typical opening, I placed my hands at the back of her neck, under her hair and inched them up her scalp as I flexed each finger in a light scratching motion. “Ummm. That is just what I need.” she moaned, as the stress began to leave her body. I continued for thirty minutes, alternating between massaging her scalp and massaging her neck and shoulders.

“Would you like your foot massage now or do you want to wait until bedtime?” I softly queried. “As it is after nine and you have me completely relaxed. I want my foot massage because I may just go to bed when it’s over.” I straddled her leg facing her feet, pumped a dollop of lotion in my hand and warmed it for a minute.  With gentle pressure, I began her massage. As minutes passed my fingers pushed harder. “Oh honey, that feels awesome.” I continued without a word, switching feet and repeating the process with the satisfaction that Sweetness was very content. As I completed my service, she spoke up. “I feel very relaxed. You are wonderful. Assume your position so I may talk with you.” Sweetness was laid flat on the bed and spread her legs slightly so I could position myself. She looked fantastic, laying there topless. I placed my left knee against her clothed pussy and my right knee outside her leg with my genitals resting against her outer thigh. Bending down, I placed each elbow on the outside of her body and rested my chin on her right shoulder. This is my assumed position where she talks to me. She slid her hand down and wrapped it around the shaft of my cock which was growing larger by the second.

Her lips were against my ear. I could feel her breath on me. I could feel myself melting in her embrace. “Honey.” She whispered, her tongue circling the inside of my ear as she waited for my reply. “Yes Sweetness.” I quivered in an attempt to control the shakiness of my voice. She was slowly stroking my cock. “You have been wonderful.” Her tongue probed my ear again and I could feel my cock swell in her grasp. I was completely in her control and she knew it. “Thank you Sweetness.” I managed to reply. “I want to have a fun-fest this weekend and I am forbidding you to cum until then.” My cock replied for me. It completely stiffened and I let out a moan. She continued the slow strokes on my bulging, thick  shaft. Our fun-fests were days where we would have as much sex as we could fit in and she usually would limit my orgasms beforehand so I would be more responsive during the day. “I would like that Sweetness. You know what’s best for me.” I was slowly humping her hand as she continued to stroke my engorged cock while nibbling and tonguing my ear.

“I do know what’s best. And although I love having your cock in me before bed, tonight I just want to go to sleep.” She lightly bit my ear lobe and released her grip on my cock. I continued involuntarily humping the outside of her thigh as I managed my reply. “Yes Sweetness. We can do that.” I wanted to her so much it was all I could do to pull away from her. “Please turn the light out.” I think she said this so she could watch me walk around the bed with my cock pointing to the ceiling. I climbed back in bed and spooned in behind her, making sure she could feel my still throbbing cock pressing against her ass.

We laid there, still, for a minute until she broke the silence.  “Controlling your orgasm is more fun than I thought it would be. I figured you would be bugging me to fuck you every chance you had but you have been very obedient and considerate of my wishes.” “Thank you Sweetness. I am enjoying your control of me.”


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