Sweetness isn’t one for spanking, or any corporal punishment. This makes my obedience difficult when there is not much praising and lots of tasks to do. She had asked me to lay out a schedule with weekly benchmarks to get our taxes completed. This was done, and she approved the 6 week outline.

I was to complete each week’s goal by 4pm Saturday or lose the right to cum until Sunday. If the goal was not met by 10pm Saturday, I lost the right to cum that weekend. There would be no orgasms permitted during the week.

I managed to complete all six weeks and only had one orgasm pushed off until Sunday. This task was in addition to everything else I am tasked with and I focused more on the taxes than some of the other chores. I made some excuses for missing some of my weekly chores and ‘forgot’ about others.

Last night, it caught up with me. We had retired to bed and I was massaging Sweetness’s feet as I always do before we go to sleep when she asked “Wasn’t I supposed to get a pedicure this weekend?” “uh, yes Sweetness.” I sheepishly responded. “Well when do you plan to give it to me?” My mind was blank. I was still reeling from tax stress. “I hadn’t thought about it.” (not the right thing to say) “So you didn’t even remember you were to give me a pedicure?” Trying to make it better I blurted out “No. I thought about it Saturday but we were busy all day.” “But you didn’t follow through.” She kept probing. “I thought I would do it next weekend.” “I’m not waiting until next weekend. You’ll have to do better.” “And, if I recall, you missed the last pedicure as well and didn’t make it up.” I felt very bad and did not like being in this position. I thought about the next day, work, make dinner, clean up dinner, vacuum and dust living room and front stairs, Sweetness worship (15 minute scalp massage), and foot massage. I would have to fit this in or she would continue to be upset and my goal is to make her life peaceful and calm. “I could do it tomorrow after work.” “This will not release you of any of your other chores.” She stated flatly. “Yes, Sweetness, I know.”

Completing her foot massage, I moved up to cuddle and partake in our pre sleep sex. She was not responding. Then she reached down, grabbed my cock and squeezed. “So, you want me to be firm, this is me being firm. I am not happy that you have let some of your chores slip and that you have neglected to give me my pedicure this weekend and that you think doing it next weekend is an option.” My heart was racing with anxiety but my cock was budging in her grip. This added to my anxiety because it was signaling that I was approving of her methods. “Therefore” she continued “You will not be having sex until I receive my pedicure.”

My mind raced forward. That eliminates tonight’s ‘pre-sleep sex’ and tomorrow’s ‘wakeup sex’ for sure. I knew I couldn’t argue. She was right and I didn’t want to make things worse. “Yes Sweetness, I understand.” I really wanted her. The light went out and we settled down to sleep, our backs to each other. My mind was racing and I really needed to feel her warm haven around my shaft. Then, an idea popped into my head. I rolled over and spooned up against her.

“Sweetness?” “Yes.” She replied. “Could we have sex if I offer to cook you an extra dinner this week?” She enjoys me cooking for her and our arrangement is that I make three meals a week. “Only one extra?” she calmly retorted. “Well, I figured it would be an hour of my time to cook and maybe ten minutes for two sex acts before I could give you the pedicure.”

At this point, she had rolled and we were embraced and kissing while we talked. Grabbing my hair she asked, “I think it is worth more than one don’t you?” Her firmness thrilled me and my cock grew against her thigh. It didn’t matter at this point. She knew she had me. I was burning to have her and without thinking, I replied “Yes.” ‘Good. Then you will be cooking for me all of next week.” “I could barely think straight but that seemed odd to me. “You mean this coming week?” I asked to clarify. She pulled my hair harder. “No. That will be included. I mean next week.” “You can have me right now but you are not permitted to cum.” “Yes Sweetness. I will obey you.” I was too crazed with her dominance to think it through rationally. I was getting what I wanted. Sex.

As we settled down to sleep for the second time, it began to sink in. “Fuck.” I thought. I just gave away cooking 13 dinners for having sex twice. Mental note… don’t forget or try to put off pedicures in the future.

Thinking about it, I’m sure Sweetness fell asleep smiling and thinking to herself. “Pretty good evening – I got the sex I didn’t really want to give up and I got all of the next two weeks of dinners to be cooked for me.”


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