In my mind, I do a lot for Sweetness. The idea came to me to do a write-up of each day for one week as a benchmark of my efforts. Then I can look back in a year and see if it really was a lot or if I was just getting started.

MONDAY starts the new week for my service routines. Upon waking up, we enjoyed sex in a spooning position, then Sweetness told me to go start my chores.

I headed downstairs, nude and still sporting an erection from what I felt was unfinished business, put away clean dishes, made a cup of coffee and served it to sweetness in the bathroom. Walking back through the bedroom, I made the bed then returned to the kitchen where I got the floor mop and dry mopped the kitchen, hallways, foyer, dining room, sitting room, powder room, and back entry.

Turning my attention to getting sweetness off to work, I fixed her travel coffee and made her lunch. After seeing her off, I cleaned the powder room starting with the sink, mirror, light fixtures and moving to the heat register, and toilet.

With that done, I got the mop wet and went over all the floors with a cleaner and water.

As I did not do laundry like I normally do on Sunday, I put a load together and got it started.

The middle of the day was taken up with outside errands. Around 4:00pm I did some counter clean-up and began dinner. Tonight would be sliced turkey breast and gravy with fried, garlic & herb potato cubes, and braised yellow and green squash.

Dinner was ready right when sweetness arrived home. We ate, then I cleared the table, cleaned dishes and wiped the counters, stove, and sink.

Between dinner and bedtime sweetness took me to our bed to reinforce my submissiveness. She began caressing my cock and nibbling on my ear while asking me what I did for her during the day. After about five minutes I was chanting that she controlled me and was begging her to let me cum. “I am in control of your orgasms and this is not a time for you to cum. You will have to control yourself.” “Yes Sweetness, I obey you.” I replied and I worked to keep myself from losing control. After only a few short minutes Sweetness let go of my cock. “I think you have had enough for now.” She had me to a point where the slightest touch made me want to give in to her totally. I can never get enough of that feeling.

At bedtime we retired to the bedroom where I massaged her feet for 10 minutes. We would normally have sex and then go to bed after that but with her period starting she offered to suck on and bite by balls while I stroked my cock. This is a favorite of both of us. I quickly got to my knees so she could get below me. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the neck of my sack, securely dividing my balls from my body, and sucked them into her mouth. I could feel the blood instantly stiffen my shaft. I could only take a few minutes of this before I asked permission to stroke my cock. “Yes, you may and I want to feel your cum coat my breasts.”

Comments like that make it hard to extend the fun and it was not long before she playfully bit into my sack where I could not hold back any longer and shot several creamy pulses of love cream over her breasts. “Thank you for your service today.” She stated with a smile. “I am here to serve you. Thank you for rewarding me.”



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