TUESDAY morning didn’t start with sex. Sweetness reached over and fondled my cock until it was firm enough to stroke. She stroked my shaft until I began to supplement with a pumping action in her fist. That’s when she let go and told me to go start my chores.

As I left the bedroom, I wondered if she enjoyed watching me leave with my cock still sticking straight out knowing I was going to get her coffee and clean. In the kitchen, I put away clean dishes, dry mopped the hard-surface floors, made a cup of coffee and served it to Sweetness as she showered. Walking back through the bedroom, I made the bed, dressed and returned to the kitchen.

Sweetness was working from home today so I did not need to prepare her coffee or lunch. I got my things together and headed to the office. On the drive my mind went back to our conversation earlier in the bathroom. “Remember, I have that business meeting tonight.” “I don’t believe you told me. How will you make dinner?” Thinking about it now, it had crossed my mind many times but I never had the chance to actually say the words to her. “When is it?” “7pm.” “So how will you fit in your evening chores?” I don’t recall my answer to that. Something about not being sure. ‘They will not be skipped. Do you understand?” “Yes Sweetness. I understand.” Shit. How am I going to pull this off? Tuesday night was slated for living room, family room, and main stair vacuum and dusting. I put it out of my mind. I’ll take care of it when I get home, I thought.

The day was a blur with two major project demanding my time. My hope for a short evening meeting was dashed by the enthusiasm of the clients who wanted to discuss more details.

I didn’t get back to the house until about 9:30. The kitchen was cluttered with pots, pans, dishes, and utensils all with remnants of dried dinner on them. “Just like the old days.” I thought as I went into the living room to greet Sweetness. “Sorry about that.” I offered and I bent to kiss her as she looked up from her book. “I understand, but you are supposed to be making dinner every day this week as punishment for last week so I expect this to be made up.” “Yes Sweetness. I will be in the kitchen cleaning up dinner dishes.” “That would be a good start.” She replied and playfully swatted my ass.

With the kitchen cleaned up, I returned to the living room. “As it is getting kind of late, would you be open to letting me do my chores tomorrow night so I have time to worship you and complete your foot massage?” I knew it was a loaded question and would be easy for her to agree with.

We moved to the bedroom where I propped up pillows behind me and sat down. Spreading my legs, she sat down in front of me and I began her Tuesday worship, slow sensual shoulder caressing that progresses into a scalp massage. Fifteen minutes later we shifted positions so I could massage her feet.

“I really love that. It makes me feel so good.” Was the comment as I finished. “Thank you. That’s the plan.” I replied. I would love to have you fuck me hard from behind right now but you will have to settle for me working you up and nibbling on your ear.” “I understand Sweetness.”

She knows how to get the most from me. Just as I was really getting into her caressing my cock she gently grabbed my hair, bit my ear and said “I hope you will do better with chores tomorrow.” “Yes Sweetness. I will.” Not that I could have said anything different. I was in agreement mode but I was determined to dig myself out of the hole I made.


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