WEDNESDAY morning didn’t start with sex either but Sweetness did fondle my cock enough to get it hard before telling me to go start my chores.

I shuffled down to the kitchen and retrieved the mop from the utility room. Several months ago I had asked permission to purchase this mop as I felt it would help with the cleaning efficiency, and it has. It’s an 18” professional microfiber mop on an articulating head, which means (once you get the hang of it) you can you can make it swivel and turn to get almost everywhere without having to moving around a lot. My routine was to start in the back hall and work through the first floor stopping after each on the three main areas to clean off the mop. I have been truly amazed at how much dust and hair accumulate in just one day. Prior to my submission the floor could go a month without cleaning. I don’t see going back will ever be an option. Clicking the mop back in its holder I wonder how weird this really is for me to be doing it. I rationalize that washing floors or vacuuming was never something Sweetness did with regularity but she does like to see it being done. So there we are. I serve her, she provides sex for me. Most of the time, we both feel we are getting the better deal.

I returned upstairs with Sweetness’s coffee, quickly got ready for work, made the bed, and returned to the kitchen to make both our lunches and her travel coffee.

Today would be another busy day in the office but the good news was that my potential attendance at another night meeting was not required. I returned home shortly after Sweetness and started dinner. We would be having ham and pierogis with blanched broccoli and snow peas.

We sat down to dinner. “You have a lot to do tonight.” She commented as a reminder of my lapse in chores last night. “I know but I already got the family room vacuumed while I was making dinner.” “I heard. You are being efficient. Hopefully there will be time for some fun tonight.” That sounded good to me but the list of what I have to complete scrolled through my mind. There was no time to waste if I wanted to finish at a reasonable hour.

First task was to clean up after dinner. Wash dishes, pans, utensils, and clean the stove and counter tops. Then I moved to the living room and vacuumed that carpet, dusted, and swept up the fireplace hearth. Ok, just under one hour and yesterday’s chores are complete. I moved upstairs vacuuming the master bed room and dusting it fairly quickly before tackling the master bathroom cleaning. My least favorite, I think. So much to do in such a little place. Shake out the floor mats, sweep the floor, wipe the mirror, lights, and counter top, wipe down the Jacuzzi tub, clean the two sinks, toilet, shower (and both sides of the surround), and hand wash the tile floor.

I usually do the master bath cleaning nude as it is a workout even in winter. Today was a warm spring day and had me on the verge of beading perspiration. My balls were definitely hanging low and it was stimulating to be washing the floor on my hands and knees and feel them swinging around. “What the Fuck” I thought. How can cleaning the floor be a turn on?

I returned to the living room where Sweetness was watching TV. Just under two and a half hours. Not too bad. She looked up. “Let’s watch some TV.” She stated and made some room on the couch. I sat next to her and she immediately slid her hand over my thigh and grabbed my cock. “Then, I’ve decided, you will fuck me hard from behind.” “Hey, I’m here to obey you.” I responded with a grin.

When we retired to the bedroom I positioned myself over her legs and began her foot massage. “This is heaven.” She sighed. “You did a wonderful job of making up for yesterday.” “Thank you Sweetness. I like pleasing you.”

As I finished massaging her second foot, she had me get into my submissive position. Her lying flat, my one knee between her legs the other to her left, bent down so she could whisper in my ear. It only took a minute or two and I was ready to give her what she wanted. “I know I said you would be fucking me hard tonight but my cycle just got heavy after almost ending.” “Well, that’s disappointing.” “Yes, for me as well. But you were very good today and you seem very eager right now. I want to watch you cum on my breasts. Do that for me.” This is a paraphrase because I was not thinking rationally over that next five minutes. I was ready to explode right then. “May I do it now?” “Yes.” In one graceful move I raised up and straddled her stomach, grabbing onto my rigid shaft and began pumping it. “Oh, yeah, you look good.” She stated with desire in her voice. “So do you.” I managed to blurt out before the convulsions of orgasmic waves rolled over me.



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