THURSDAY morning got back to our normal routine with Sweetness reaching over to grab onto my cock as she woke. To her surprise, it was already hard. “I guess you’re ready for this.” she murmured. “It’s my favorite way to start the day.” We got ourselves wet with saliva and turning on our sides, I slide my now very hard shaft into her haven. “Ummm, this is a nice way to start.” she confirmed. Keeping a gentle but steady pumping, I could feel my excitement build and my cock harden even more. “oh, yea. on, yea.” was all I could think and on that note came the sweet sorrowful line. “It’s time. Go do your chores.” “Yes Sweetness.” I replied, reluctantly withdrawing my full length. I do turn myself on thinking about her saying those words while I’m fucking her but when they’re said, I’m usually not ready to quit. At that point, it’s about showing my obedience.

I slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen, grabbed the mop, did the floors, put away dishes, made coffee and took it to Sweetness as she was getting out of the shower. Fifteen minutes and I was dressed and moving back downstairs, stopping to make the bed on my way.

After making our lunches and travel coffee, I headed to work. It was uneventful but busy. Sweetness and I didn’t converse much during the workday. We hadn’t all week. I missed that. We usually banter back and forth with e-mail and hints of her rule over me.

We did discuss revising the night’s menu as we had a large turkey breast we only partially finished. When I got home, I started right in with preparing the meal, Sliced turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of broiled asparagus.  Over dinner, we discussed how our washing machine finally needed attention. The last two uses resulted in major leaking out of the front loading door. We had nursed a torn gasket with epoxy fixes for a few years because the gasket replacement seemed daunting. A new gasket sat in the utility drawer since we first had diagnosed the problem.

While I cleaned up dinner Sweetness scanned the internet for a YouTube video on our washer repair. Armed with the information of a good video she proceeded in removing screws. She was in “forge ahead and get help later’ mode. I alternated between dinner cleanup and washing machine dismantling. When  cleanup was complete, I took over the gasket replacement with only a few verbal outbursts of the difficulty of  some of the steps. An hour later we had a working washing machine again and slumped in front of the TV for a bit to relax from the effort.

We spent too much time and when I reminded Sweetness it was worship night she told me she wanted to defer that until tomorrow. “I just want my feet rubbed and have you fill me with your cock.” Thursday and Friday nights were my easier days as far as chores. It gave me time to recharge for anything that was required of me over the weekend and then the start of a new week – and the battle with the washing machine was draining. “Yes Sweetness, that would be good.”

Sweetness got her ten minutes of foot massaging and an equal amount of mildly passionate face to face sex before we drifted off to sleep.


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