FRIDAY’s dawn was bright. A great spring day with a great opening line. “Get yourself hard so I can feel you in me.” “Yes Sweetness.” I grabbed my cock and pulled on it a few time thinking about starting the day up against her back, intimately joined at the crotch. “That was quick.” she responded when I pressed my hardness against her ass. “You excite me.” She let me hump her until I had no more energy in that position. “Go do your chores.” I had barely stopped but it did thrill me to have her tell me to stop fucking and go do chores for her. “Yes Sweetness.”  I replied, pulling the length of my cock from her. “Would you like me to just prep you coffee mug this morning?” ‘Yes please.” Sweetness would be working from home and starting a bit later. On these days I put the sweetener and cream in her mug so when I have left and she is ready she only needs to pour the coffee and it mixes itself.

This would be an easy morning and hopefully a light workday. I dry mopped all the downstairs floors, put away dishes, and headed to the office. Thankfully, today’s work let up and I had time to put together next week’s menu. I submitted it to Sweetness by 3pm, with two hours to spare before the deadline. For nine months I had been responsible for making two, then three dinners each week. These were not to be heat and serve. They were to be planned with real cooking. For the past three months (since the new year) I am responsible for coming up with the entire week’s dinner menu and presenting it to Sweetness by 5pm Friday. These past two weeks I have done all the cooking as  punishment for skipping Sweetness’s last two pedicures. (outlined in a previous blog – “Punishment Eye Opener”)

I hit speed dial. The phone rang. “Are you on your way home.” “Yeah, it’s too nice to work.” “I’m wrapping up too.” Want to take a walk when I get home?” “That would be nice.”

I had my shirt off by the time I got in the house. The car had been warm with the sun on it all day and it felt good. “you look good.” was the response when I walked into the house. “Thanks. Are we taking this walk nude?” We have some private acreage and a small lake so it’s ideal for being free. “I don’t think it’s warm enough.” I checked the thermometer – 64, not exactly conducive to being nude with the slight breeze in the air. I didn’t take anything else off but I didn’t put my shirt back on. We walked a little and made our way to the lake, sitting down at the picnic table. Sweetness slid her hand over my thigh and started rubbing my crotch while she talked. I was only half listening. I was focused on my cock trying to find the room in my jeans to expand. I knew where this was going and I wanted it desperately. I love having sex outside. “I think you need to remove your paints.” It couldn’t happen soon enough. They were gone and full erection was waving back and forth in the open air. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and began stroking. “Oh yeah. That has some girth to it. I want that in me right now.” She stood up to pull her pants off and engulfed my cock with her mouth. Now, that’s efficiency. Turning around, she kneeled on the seat and put her elbows on the table, pushing her ass out. “Give it to me hard, but you are not to cum.” Yeah, that would be the trick. In the old days I would just bang away until I blew my wad. Now, I’ve been learning to pace myself and sense  when I need to slow up. I managed to keep myself in check and we put ourselves back together and headed home. “I think I want to modify the meal plan for tonight and have you make chicken fajitas.” “I can do that and it sounds great.” I got to chicken and veggie cutting as soon as we got back. I had most of dinner ready to go when Sweetness entered the kitchen. “It smells great.” and with almost no pause, “What happen to you cooking for me nude?” “It’s been kind of cold.” “Yes, well, it’s spring now. Take the rest of your clothes off. You’ll be eating dinner with me nude.” “Yes Sweetness.”

We finished dinner and I cleaned up afterwards. “Come upstairs when you’re done and don’t bother putting your clothes back on. I want to talk with you.” This excited me. I knew it meant she would be teasing my cock and nibbling on my ear while she told me how things would be. It worked out even better as Sweetness got very turned on by my responsiveness to her teasing. “I want to feel your cock in me.” I repositioned and slid my throbbing shaft into her. “That’s it. That feel good, but don’t overdo it. You are not to cum and I want more at bedtime.” Yes Sweetness.”

At bedtime, I provided the 15 minutes of worship that we postponed from the night before which was largely brushing her hair with some cool down shoulder rubbing. Then I move in position to massage her feet. “I’m looking forward to you fucking me hard from behind after this.” “I am too.” I replied.

It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard and it slipped right in. “Ummm, you feel really big.” “That’s because you’re ordering me around and it’s turning me on.” “Well then, you’ll like this. You will not be cuming today.” “Yes Sweetness. You know what’s best for me.” “I do.”


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