SATURDAY is a day for Sweetness to sleep in. I typically don’t. “You’re moving around too much.” she commented while reaching over to feel for my cock and squeezing. “Too much blood in this?” “Maybe.” “I want to feel that in me while we lay here. Then you’re going to leave and start you chores while I go back to sleep.” “Yes Sweetness. Thank you for letting me have you to start the day.” “Nothing like rewards to help you remember what you’re working for.”

“Ok, it’s time for you to go do your chores.” “Yes Sweetness. May I start with shaving my legs?” “That is one of your responsibilities, so yes.” I pulled myself out of her, slid out of bed, and headed to the master bathroom. Glancing over at her I could see she was eyeing me up, content she was sending me away with an erection and looking forward to going back to sleep.

We had a lot planned today so I would have to be efficient with my chores. I put an inch or two of water in the tub, sat down and began removing the stubble from my legs. Starting at the ankles, I worked all the way up to my crotch, lathered by balls and meticulously restored my smooth hairless sack. At this point, I was slightly hard, which made shaving my shaft easier. I cleaned that up as well as my abdomen, rinsed off and drained the water.

Coffee was set but I would not start it until I heard Sweetness moving upstairs. Today was my day to clean all the surfaces in the kitchen, stove, sink, counters, cabinet doors, microwave, refrigerator, oven, all of it. Finishing that, I moved on to dry mopping the downstairs floors. As I was sweeping up what I collected, I heard movement and started the coffee. I had Sweetness’s full mug in my hand as she walked into the kitchen. Smiling, she took it from me and put it on the counter, embraced me and cupped my balls while positioning her lips near my ear. “You have been busy.” “Thank you Sweetness.” I could feel my cock starting to expand. Damm. I was so easy to read. “Your balls feel smooth.” I grew another inch. She slid her hand over my growing shaft. “You know what I want?” I grew another inch. I was hoping she wanted me to bend her over the counter. “No. What do you want.” She pushed her tongue in my ear. I let out an uncontrolled moan and my cock stiffened in her grip. “I want an omelet.” another uncontrolled moan and I began humping her fist. The moan was half thrill of her controlling me, half disappointment in not getting to fuck her over the counter. Her message sent… and received, she released my cock, stepped back, and admired her work. I stood there for a moment, nude, cock throbbing, and hoping she would step forward and continue. I shook the fog from my mind. Let’s see. Eggs. Yes, I need eggs. They would be in the refrigerator.

We returned home about 5:30 and decided to take a shower. Sweetness let me fuck her from behind while I washed her back. “So, what is on the dinner menu tonight.” I could feel my cock stiffen. There is a delicate balance with a question like this between subtlety showing who is in control and making me think too much. One side of the scale gets me more excited. The other distracts me to a performance reducing level. This question provided the intended response and I pushed my rejuvenated erection deeper into her. “Home made ravioli and meatballs.” I was giving her full stroke thrusts and started lightly moaning in my increased breathing. ” I sense I need to remind you that you are not to cum in me.” “Yes Sweetness. Thank you.” “It’s time for you to rinse off and go start dinner anyway.” I was mostly spent anyway as my legs were burning from the exertion and had started shaking. I pulled away from her, stretched my legs, rinsed, and stepped out.

With dinner complete and the dishes cleaned Sweetness had me join her on the bed for another talk. She never starts discussing her agenda until I am practically humping her fist and chanting how she owns me. This was the case tonight. “I have been thinking about the meals you didn’t cook this week.” She bit into my ear lobe an gently pulled. I knew she was about to give me orders which meant more work for me but I was craving to hear her control. It turned me on to have her tell me how it would be. “We ordered out on day, I had to cook because of a meeting another, and tomorrow will be a holiday dinner at relatives.” She bit my ear again and pulled my hair with the hand that was not stroking my cock. “Yes.” was all I could manage. Yes she was right or yes I would do what she was about to say. It didn’t really matter. I was completely consumed by her now. “I want those back next week.” She accented that by pushing her tongue in my ear. I had all I could do to keep from cuming in her hand. “Yes.” It didn’t matter what she was saying. I was in agreement. “You will make six meals next week and if I decide you did not give your best, you will be making the seventh.” Her tongue went back in my ear and I let out an uncontrollable moan. “Yes, Yes, I serve you.” “I know you do and I appreciate that. Now, slide your cock in me but don’t cum. This is a reprimand not fun time.” “‘Yes Sweetness.”

After her bedtime foot massage Sweetness had me position myself over her again. “I would like to reconfirm what we talked about earlier.” She grabbed my hair and bit on my ear. “I want your cock in my while I’m talking to you.” Yes Sweetness.” No problem. It was already hard. She went through my lapses in cooking and what was in store for me next week. I was barely holding on, craving more but hoping I could control myself. “Do you understand what I just re-explained?” “Yes Sweetness. I do. May I cum now?” I knew that did sound good and I should have put a pause between those sentences. “I think you need to think a little more about what I said and that won’t happen if you cum, so No. You need to sleep on this.” “You know what’s best for me. Thank you.” It is an odd paradox wanting to cum so badly but getting so turned on by being told I cannot.


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