SUNDAY morning I lingered in bed hoping to have sex before getting up. It worked. “Get yourself hard. I want to feel you in me before I send you to make coffee.” A minute later I was up against her back with my hard cock stroking her creamy temple. “You do realize it is the end of the week and there are several items you have not completed.” My heart accelerated for a moment. A combination of the thrill of her controlling me and the thought “What the hell am I missing”. The poor reply spilled from my lips, “I can’t think of them at the moment.”  I was at a loss and wanted to focus on the task at hand. It became apparent that task had become more important to me than her. “Well then I suggest you go start your chores now and think about what you still need to do before the end of the day.” I withdrew my cock from her. “Yes Sweetness.” I knew this was not a suggestion. It was an order.

In short order I had the coffee started, the hard surface floors dry mopped, and the dishes put away. All I could come up with for unfinished tasks was to paint the kitchen ceiling. It was one of those mushrooming projects that started with a simple request to put up a new ceiling light. Then the holes had to be patched, and painted. But white does not match white so a small repair expanded to 400 square feet of ceiling painting. I was procrastinating.

Sweetness entered the kitchen. I handed her coffee and relayed my need to paint the ceiling. “But being Easter Sunday, I’m not sure there will be a place open to buy paint.” You should have thought about that before today.” Sweetness is very forgiving and very lenient and her comments may read as harsh and bitchy but they are just ‘matter of fact’ statements. Truth, which needs no additional inflection. “And what about the Christmas lights and sharpening the mower blades?” “Yes, I have thought about those.” A stupid statement. Trying to recover but only showing that I had thought of them but not acted. I tried to recover. “I can remove the mower blades right now.” “Ok, but we don’t have a lot of time before we have to visit with family and that doesn’t get the ceiling painted.”

The mower blades had just come off when Sweetness walked up to the garage. “I caught a glimpses of your beefcake body shirtless a few minutes ago.” “Yes. It’s hotter than I thought.” “Were you successful?” I picked up the blades to illustrate the proof. “Well, let’s take a short walk.” She grabbed my hand and led me down the wooded path behind the garage. We stopped at a spot lit with sunshine. “Remove you clothes.” Came the order. That was easy. I had no shirt to start. I dropped my jeans. Sweetness stepped up to me placing one hand on my balls and the other on my earlobe opposite where she rested her head. “I am happy to see you willing to please me but aggravated that you have let these things slide.” “I’m sorry Sweetness.” The apology was punctuated with the stiffening of my cock. I enjoy the praise and slight berating and it is embarrassing that my pleasure is so easy to read. Knowing she was getting to me, she slid her hand over my cock while moving up and biting on my available earlobe. “I expect you will increase your effort to resolve these items?” The question ended with her tongue probing my ear. My body quivered. “Yes Sweetness.” She continued her torment until it got the best of her as well. “I want you to take me from behind right here.” She slipped out of her yoga pants, bent forward, and grabbed ahold of small branching tree. Sticking her ass out she made the order, “Fill me with your cock.” It was heaven. The feel of the warm sun, the view of her sweet ass, and the shaking of the small tree as repeated pumping created a continual wave of swaying branches.

It was 5:30 when we returned home. We were in the kitchen doorway when Sweetness wasted no time in groping my cock and running her tongue over my ear. She had me very worked up in no time. “Tell me again what your plan for painting the ceiling is.” Wanting to please her I said I would call to see if a store was still open. “That’s good because not much will be happening until it’s painted.” Her reference was fully understood. I immediately called Home Depot. “Open till 6PM.” I stated triumphantly. “Guess you better get moving.” She responded, playfully swatting my ass.

Three hours later the paint can was empty. “It looks good. Now come upstairs for a little reward.” I joined her in the master bathroom as she bent over and let me take her from behind in front of the wall mirror. My mind flashed back. Eight hours ago we had just come inside and were standing in this same spot getting ready for holiday visits. She was curling her hair and offered to let me fuck her in the process. At that time I would not have thought I would be in the same position, eight hours later, celebrating the completion of the painted ceiling. She does have a way of making me get things done.

Sunday nights end with Sweetness’s foot massage and a ‘Sunday Special’. Sunday foot massages are capped with fifteen minutes of a back and shoulder massage. This is done with me sitting over her legs. The ‘special’ part was added one week where she could feel my hardness pressing against her ass and told me she wanted extra massage time with my cock in her. It has become standard after the initial fifteen minutes.

It got late tonight. “Babe, I’m going to hold off on the back massage and special until tomorrow. I am tired and want to fully enjoy your cock.” “Could I give you a five minute massage with two or three extra minutes with my cock if I still provide you with the full service tomorrow?” I enjoyed this also and was not ready to just go to bed. “Well, I’m not turning down extra massage time.” She replied, grinning. “But don’t expect to cum. If there will be any of that it will be during my full massage tomorrow.” “I understand. You know what’s best for me.” That’s right. I do.



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