Three weeks after my 7-day journal of my submission to Sweetness I realize many of my tasks have now become routine. It has been nearly eleven months since I gave myself to her control. Our home keeping has improved and the house looks better but there is still much to do. I get excited about Sweetness telling me she will be controlling all my time over a weekend to do her work but I find I need more stimulus the farther into the weekend we get. Physical limits begin to slow my productivity down.

She is also very forgiving and lets some tasks slide to another day. In some respect, I am thankful for that but on the other hand, I secretly long for her to put her foot down and tell me I should have planned better. We have approached that on several occasions but in my fantasy she is more physical about getting what she wants.

My challenge is to do what is expected without looking for praise or to be reminded to do it. I find it difficult at times to keep Sweetness’s priorities above other tasks that are appreciated but not as important to her.

I have yet to feel like she is taking advantage of me even though she gets me to such a frenzied state (almost daily – and some days multiple times) that I’m begging her to give me orders. I am now hooked on her control of me and crave it constantly.


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