I was just finishing Sweetness’s nightly foot massage when she broke the silence. “Next month is our vacation and I think you need to be super excited to take me. As it is in the middle of the month, I think I will only let you cum while we are on vacation.” I could feel my cock growing along her leg as my mind did the quick math – an 11 day vacation smack in the middle of the month. 10 days before and 10 days after. “It sounds interesting” I replied. Not that she couldn’t tell I was interested as my hot, erect cock was pressed against her leg.

“Come up here so I can discuss the plan.” “Yes Sweetness.” I turned around on my knees to face her, straddling her left leg I dropped down against her in an attempt to hide my tell and supported myself on my elbows. She immediately reached down her side and grabbed hold of my stiffness. “Ummm, I see that you are interested.” I was way too easy to read. On some level it bothered me to be that easy. On another, it made it simple to know what got me going.

She put her lips near my ear as her breath drifted over the opening. My cock bulged, pressing against her grip. “Honey.” She whispered, her tongue circling the lobe of my ear. “Yes Sweetness.” I was intoxicated with her seductive control of me and craved her next words. “I have been lenient with you orgasms this month and I think you need time to refocus on me.” Her tongue probed my ear and my cock jumped in response. “Yes Sweetness.” I was listening and eager to hear more. “I am only going to allow you to cum next month while we are on vacation.” Her tongue quickly darted in and out of my ear and she continued. “You will worship the thought of cumming on vacation and crave the day we leave. When we return I will tease you to fantasize about the wonderful time we had on vacation and all the orgasms I allowed you but you will not release until the month is over.” I was moaning and involuntarily humping her fist. “Yes, I want to obey you. You know what’s best for me.”

“I do know what’s best. Now, I want that thick cock in me and the feel of you fucking me from behind but you are not to cum. Do you understand?” “Yes Sweetness. Thank you for being so good to me.”


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