At the end of April Sweetness decreed “I think I will only let you cum while we are on vacation next month.” and went on to explain that she has been lenient with my recent orgasms and thinks I need time to refocus on her. “You will worship the thought of cumming on vacation and crave the day we leave. When we return I will tease you to fantasize about the wonderful time we had on vacation and all the orgasms I allowed you but you will not release until the month is over.” I was putty in her hands. It all sounded so good in my aroused state. I could wait 10 days to have an 11 day orgasmic vacation and then recover for the next 10 days. Funny how the body and mind aren’t always in agreement.

“As tonight is Sunday it works out well that it is also the last day in April.” There was a slyness to the words as Sweetness stretched out nude on the bed. “When you finish my back massage I want you to fuck me hard from behind. I want to feel your cock bulge inside me while I tell you to wait until I say you can cum. Then I want to feel your passionate release when I give you the command.” That all sounded good to me and my cock was already stiffening as I positioned myself for her massage. “I want you to remember this because it will be the last time you cum until we are on vacation and I want you thinking about doing this on vacation.” “Sweetness, I would like to skip the back massage and cum in you right now.” My cock was now pulsing with the blood pumping into it. “I bet you would but that is not going to happen until I receive a proper massage.”

That orgasm was mind blowing and I replayed it often over the next several days. Sweetness would remind me often that it was May and I was not permitted to cum until vacation. We were having sex about three time a day and I was controlling my urge to cum. Towards the end of the week Sweetness began her cycle and I thought I was home free. We would have occasional sex and it would be easier to control myself. What I didn’t count on was that Sweetness picked up our teasing sessions and after six day of not cumming she put me over the edge. She had me in our favorite position, her lying down, me kneeling over her. My ear next to her mouth and her hand on my cock. She had been working me over for a while and I was crazed with lust for her. “Please let me fuck you now. I want to feel my cock inside you.” “No. I don’t think you can control yourself right now but I’m looking forward to fantastic vacation sex.” The combination of denial, her grip on my shaft, and the punctuating ear lobe bite was more than I was prepared for. I shot upright on my knees and grabbed the base of my cock trying to push back the pulses from within. “You’re not going to cum are you?” It was half question, half statement. “Umm, I’m not sure.” We waited until I felt the urge had subsided and I released my grip. Dejected, I watched a small creamy bead grow at the tip of my upright cock then drop to Sweetness’s stomach. “Well that is disappointing but it was only a small drop.” She stated trying to be reassuring.

We made it to vacation with no other ‘events’ and celebrated a getaway filled with over fifty sex acts where Sweetness granted me nine orgasms. Looking back, it’s funny how each person interprets or hears things differently. When Sweetness said “I think I will only let you cum while we are on vacation next Month.” I heard ‘open bar for vacation orgasms’ – I get to cum whenever I want for 11 days. Don’t get me wrong, nine orgasms were phenomenal but I realized on day-one of vacation I didn’t have carte blanche on cumming. Sweetness was very good to me but I still needed to ask permission and she maintained control of when I would cum. It added to the pleasure of each release and set the stage for fond memories to be recalled over the next 10 days, and beyond.


7 thoughts on “May’s Vacation Only Orgasms

    1. not really. This is relatively new and the only ruined orgasms have been self inflicted as I was trying to keep from cumming because was not allowed at that time. She has made me eat whatever has spilled out.
      I seem to be having a challenge controlling myself. It is mostly at bedtime and either when she is stroking me or kissing my cock. In my mind I feel I can control it but then I just loose it. Usually only a small amount.
      I am interested in learning more about this.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. From what I can see/tell the ruined orgasm keeps you hard and ready where as the stifled orgasm still leaves you ‘done’ as they say.

          Sir has been using the ruined orgasm method for a while now and He can have and ‘O’ and go right back to sex in seconds …. over and over again. Still horny and ready ….


        2. I guess the name doesn’t really matter it’s about what’s going on. It seems like removing external stimulation before the onset of the orgasm will maintain interest.
          I have become more aware of how my body reacts and it is definitely more difficult for me to get and maintain firm erections after a full orgasm.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. that’s it exactly! The ruined orgasm will allow you to keep going, the stifled will not – at least according to the site you posted, we haven’t tried it 😀 There are definitely differences in method.


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