With our eleven days of vacation bliss behind us, we settled back into our daily routine. Sweetness made it a point to remind me that the orgasm frenzy was over and I would not be cumming until June. “No problem.” I was thinking to myself, confident I could make the 10 day journey unaffected. I realize now that was my very well drained libido talking and as it rebuilt the problem became more pronounced.

I think I made it to day three before I was frantically humping Sweetness’s fist begging to cum while she teased and tormented me. “No, you will not cum until June 1st.” she would state flatly. Then continue by building the vivid memories of our vacation. “Did you not enjoy repeatedly fucking me in the warm surf last week?” “I did.” “Did you enjoy hearing me tell you to cum in me almost every day?” “I did.” “And how many times were you permitted to cum?” she bit down on my ear lobe and then rimmed it with her tongue to punctuate the question. “Nine times Sweetness.” “And you feel you need more” her tongue probed my ear. I knew the answer I wanted to give – yes, fuck yes – but I composed myself enough to reply, “You have been very good to me and I obey you.” It was a half answer that in my mind didn’t say no and she obviously picked up on that with her next query.

“You do obey me. And what is your command for the remainder of the month regarding orgasms?” Shit. She is going to box me in and I don’t have enough blood in my brain to outsmart her. “I am forbidden to cum until next month.” There was no joy in my tone. I was like a little child reciting polite manors. “Does that sound like you should get to cum today?” Saying yes was what I wanted but it did not even make sense in my mindless state. “No.” “Very good. I think you can now answer you own question. Can you cum right now?” oh, fuck. Just drive the nail in the coffin. She is a master, provide a bit of encouragement then make me deny myself. “No.” There was no way out of it but it didn’t completely sink in because I was involuntarily humping her fist as she continued her oral stimulation of my ear.

“We had a wonderful vacation and I enjoyed your orgasms. I’m looking forward to letting you cum in me on June first while fucking me hard from behind. I know you can control yourself until then so you can give me what I want.” I continued my mindless humping as the comments were subconsciously placed.

“When I release your cock from my hand we will be done for now. You will turn off the light and we will go to bed.” “Yes Sweetness I obey you.” She continued stimulating me for another minute or two and then, without a word, I felt her grasp release. I wanted her so desperately but I didn’t want to break her trust in my obedience. I mustered all my faculties to suppress the urge to continue dry humping the side of her hip, extracted myself from the euphoria to turn off the light, and then spooned up against her nude body. I made a point to firmly press my erection against her ass so she could feel the continuing pulses coursing through my shaft – waiting for the hopeful request for me to slip it in her pussy while we lay there. It never came. My last conscious thoughts were of how badly I wanted to fuck her.


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