My confidence in breezing through 10 orgasm free days post-vacation came crashing to a halt after my begging episode on day three. I managed to regain my composure and control myself until the ninth day.

With only twenty five hours until I would be permitted to cum, I had just finished Sweetness’s nightly foot massage. “Come up here and kneel next to me.” I moved up and positioned myself alongside her shoulder and head. My cock was soft but slightly extended with anticipation and my balls were relaxed and warm, providing the perfect condition for what was ahead.

Sweetness reached out and encircled my sack with her thumb and forefinger trapping my balls from any retreat. She ran her tongue along the seam of skin separating my balls. “You have been very good this week.” I could feel my cock getting heavier as it began to swell. “Thank you Sweetness.” I barely got the words out. She sucked both my balls into her mouth while giving a firm tug on my sack to pull them farther from my body. I grunted and moaned with the pleasure of her dominance. She loves to lick and suck on by balls and it feels so pleasurably submissive to have my delicate parts in such a precarious position.

She released her suction and eased my sack from her mouth. Her tongue and lip dance on my scrotal skin transitioned to her teeth rubbing against me. Sweetness gazed up at me then glanced at my cock and with one devilishly fluid, slow motion movement, her mouth opened slightly. Maintaining skin contact, her teeth parted to trap one of my balls between their clutches. She paused slightly to let the effect register then applied pressure, biting down on my ball. My cock jumped as it completely stiffened and I moaned again in my submission.

She glanced again at my throbbing shaft. Apparently pleased with her results. “Grab you cock and start stroking it.” She ordered as she bit down again on my other ball. It didn’t take long for me to reach a point of burning desire. “Sweetness, my I fuck you?” Her teeth released their grip just long enough for the terse reply. “No.” I moaned in disappointment and pleasure at the same time. I desperately wanted her but I loved her denying me this pleasure at the moment. My mind was racing with how to elevate this pleasure. I wasn’t thinking rationally. I knew I was not permitted to cum until June first and we were a full day away but I asked anyway. “No.” A more resolute sounding answer but I couldn’t stop here. I needed something. She was lying nude, slightly on her side while she tormented me. If I couldn’t fuck her maybe I could just stare at her pussy and fantasize about sliding my cock in her. “May I see you pussy?” She didn’t take her mouth from my balls but shifted to her back and let her legs fall open. I starred at the glory of the smooth folds of her labia displayed for me.

Instinctively, I wanted to reach down and touch her. Feel the warmth and wetness of her heaven. I refrained, knowing it best to ask permission first. I also didn’t want to seem ungrateful and wanting more. I put my hand on a neutral spot below her breast while I pumped my cock with the other, alternating view between her sweet pussy and my balls being compressed between her teeth.

Sweetness must have sensed I was going too far and removed her oral stimulation of my balls. I didn’t want the feeling to end. I focused on looking at her pussy and the thought of how she had just been biting down on my balls. I continued stroking my cock as she didn’t say I had to stop. I figured I could control myself. That moment came sooner than I thought and I quickly released the grip of my pulsing rod. Unfortunately, we were not on the same page and Sweetness took the opportunity to brush her cheek up the side of my shaft and kiss the head.  The sensation and resulting urge to cum took me by surprise.

Instinctively grabbing the base of my shaft, I feared I was beyond recall. Sweetness pulled back slightly so she could survey the situation. “Are you under control?” My worried look gave it away. “I don’t think so.” “Then release your grip and let’s see how bad it is.” Almost immediately a small blob seeped out. As I relaxed, a contraction pushed a larger volume out and it began running down my shaft. “Don’t let that spill. Wipe that up with your fingers and eat it.” “Yes Sweetness. I’m sorry.” “I know you are but you must learn to read your body better if you want to be more obedient.”

“I love you and think you are wonderful and I appreciate you service and devotion to me. Let’s put this aside for now and go to bed.” I was feeling better with her reassurances. She flipped the light off and I spooned up behind her. “Of course…” she paused slightly, “I don’t think you will be coming on June first as you already have.” There was that pleasurable disappointment again. It drove me lustfully crazy for her to deny and control my sexual release.


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