“It should be no surprise that you won’t be cumming today with your accidental orgasm the other night.” Sweetness stated as I was heading to work. “I know but it was barely an orgasm.” I commented attempting to defend myself.  “Did cum leave your cock.” “Yes.” “Then you came and you have already rewarded yourself.” She concluded in a not too happy tone. “You will wait until at least tomorrow.” Today was the first of June and should have been the day I was to enjoy a full orgasm.  Unfortunately, one day short of the goal, I was pushed over the edge with Sweetness’s teasing.

June 2nd began without the normal spooning sex we typically have when waking. At the time, I didn’t think anything of Sweetness caressing my cock and stroking it as I woke. I was too aroused at her dominance in sending me off to do the morning chores without getting to fuck her first. We were apart all day and after I cleared and cleaned up dinner we retired to our bed for her to work me up and have sex (I thought). She had been slowly stroking my cock and tonging my ear while asking arousing questions like “who do you serve?”, “How do you serve me?”, Who owns your cock?”. Then she dropped the bomb. With her lips on my ear she whispered, “My period started and I’ve decided you’re not going to cum until it’s over.”

It had been almost two weeks since I came in her and I wanted so badly to fuck her hard while she commanded me to cum. Now I would need to wait even longer. I almost came right there with her denial of my orgasm. I managed to control myself and reply “Yes Sweetness. You know what’s best.” She bit into my ear lobe. “Yes, I do, and I’m going to enjoy teasing you the next few days knowing you must continue to control your urge to cum.”


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