It’s been over a month since Sweetness decreed I would be her chef for the entire month of June and I don’t recall exactly what got me into this situation. I think it was a combination of things, missing a meal I was supposed to cook for her and not presenting the next week’s menu on time. She really didn’t need much of an excuse as she has found that she thoroughly enjoys me cooking for her.

It began with her requirement that I cook dinner the one weekday I am home. By the end of 2016 it was up to 2 dinners and expanded to 3 for the holidays. For the New Year, her holiday continued as she decided I would continue to serve her three dinner each week. After two months of “seat-of-the-pants” planning I came up with the idea of providing her a weekly menu in advance where she could approve the meals and decide which three I would cook. This worked out well as we could plan shopping and see what meals would be coming up.

I also feel the menu was my demise as she looked forward to seeing what I would present and then approve or disapprove it. Submitting it past the deadline had caused me to cook one extra dinner the following week on two separate occasions, this time she went for the glory. I was poised over her, nude, on knees and elbows. Her mouth was near my ear and her hand slowly stroking my cock. Her breathing in my ear was driving me wild with anticipation. I was craving her whispering some commanding words in my ear and taking me to the next level of ecstasy.

“My Love.” My cock hardened even more. “Yes Sweetness.” I was ready to agree. I just didn’t know to what it would be. “I am disappointed that you were late with the menu.” “I’m sorry, I got wrapped up with work.” I feebly attempted my excuse. “It doesn’t matter why it was late. It was late.” Her tongue probed my ear to punctuate her comment. I groaned, pleasurably feeling bad I had let her down. “I will cook and extra meal for you this week.” I offered showing my willingness to correct the mistake. “I think we’re past that.” She bit into my ear lobe and my heart raced. My mind sped through scenarios. I couldn’t make sense of any of it with her breathing in my ear and stroking my cock. I began involuntarily humping her fist and moaning. I was stuck in a trance, waiting to hear my judgment. Her tongue rimmed my ear as her free hand locked into my hair and gently pulled on my head. “You will be my chef and cook all the dinners next month.” She finished with another bite into my ear lobe. I cried out in a pleasurable moan “ooh yes. I will cook for you Sweetness.” “I’m yours to control, yes. Oooh, yes.” “May I fuck you?” I was really grinding on her at this point wand we were moving pretty good on the bed. “Ummm, I would love that but you are not permitted to cum today and you are way too worked up to put your cock in me and control yourself.” “Yes Sweetness, you know what’s best for me.” I love submitting to her. “I’m going to let go of your cock soon and that will be the signal to go to bed. You will get up and turn off the light then come back and press your cock against my ass while we fall asleep.” “Yes Sweetness.” She sensed my desire not to end and provided a little more enjoyment before releasing her grasp. Although I wanted it to go on forever, it was nice to have the warning time as it gave me some buffer to the reality which was about to hit – I won’t be coming – she will stop soon – I have a month of dinners to cook for her. “What am I doing.” Was the thought going through my scrambled mind. “I don’t know but it feels too good to stop. I’m hers.” I answered back to myself.


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