“What are you doing?” I opened my eyes to see Sweetness standing next to the bed intently waiting for my reply. “I felt whipped after making dinner and cleaning up and wanted to lay down for a bit.” She slid up against my naked body, put her hand on my chest, and lightly ran it down my torso. Bypassing my cock, she circled around and cupped my balls, then pulled firmly. “I don’t recall you asking if you could take a rest.” her lips were near my ear and the words made my cock start growing. “You owe me one hour of landscape maintenance and it is getting late.” In my mind I was thinking I would either get it done in time or start it and finish tomorrow.

“You don’t seem tired.” The comment was directed at my throbbing cock. “Since you’re ‘UP’, I want you thinking of me while you’re outside.” She slid to the corner of the bed, pulled her knees up to her chest and spread them. “Come over here and fill me with you big cock.” “Yes Sweetness.” Those are orders I like to hear. I moved around the bed and stood in front of her as she wet her pussy with saliva. Whatever firmness I lost moving to the corner of the bed was regenerated by watching her caress the saliva over the soft folds of her heaven. I positioned myself and pushed forward. Sweetness moaned as the thickness of my shaft filled her. “Your cock feels great but I’m giving you sixty seconds then you need to get to work outside.” I was giving her long deep strokes. “Yes Sweetness. I obey you.” I picked up the pace. “Oooh yeah, you certainly do.” I grabbed onto her right breast to steady myself as I continued the long, pounding thrusts. “Time’s up My Love.” “Yes Sweetness.” I wanted to cum in her but mustered all my willpower, pulled my cock from her, and left the room.

My erection was just beginning to fade as I retrieved the wheelbarrow and positioned it near the bed of flowers I needed to weed. Feeling like I should still be in our bedroom putting it to use I started the methodical separation of good plants from the bad ones.

Sweetness came out to see my progress and we chatted while she watched me weed her flowers, nude. “I’m going back inside.” “Can I come?” She looked at her watch. “No. You still have five more minutes.” “Yes Sweetness.” As much as I wanted to go in and be with her, I was glad she stood firm and held me to my task.

When I got in the house sweetness was reading in the living room. I finished cleaning up from dinner, put away the groceries, and went to report my progress. I stood at the side of the chair and waited for her to break from reading. She reached out and held my cock, acknowledging my presence but continuing her activity. Putting a mark in the book, she looked up at me and began gently fondling my cock. “Sweetness, I have completed the flower bed, cleaned up from dinner, and put away the groceries.” “Excellent. You have done well this week despite some schedule challenges.” “Let’s go upstairs to continue this.” “Yes Sweetness.”

When I entered the bedroom Sweetness was sitting, nude, on the bed. “You owe me a worship session. I want you to comb my hair.” “Yes Sweetness.” I positioned myself at the head of the bed, legs spread, and let her scooch up against me. I reached to the hairbrush on her night stand and noted the time. The hair combing worship would be fifteen minutes.

“That was nice, now I want you to run your fingers through my hair and caress my scalp.” I put the brush down. Her smooth, shiny locks extended to her shoulder blades. I separated my fingers, plunged them into the soft mass behind her ear, and glided them to the other side. Sweetness’s body relaxed and I gently worked my hands through her hair. “Please rub my shoulders for a minute or two.” “Yes Sweetness.” I repositioned my hands and pressed my thumbs into her shoulder, making small, circular motions.

In a soft, relaxed tone she stated, “Get my present.” I immediately got up to retrieve her rabbit vibrator from the nightstand and quickly returned to her side in bed. “I’m going to make you watch me pleasure myself. Get me wet.” ‘Yes Sweetness” I feel so much love and closeness watching and helping Sweetness cum. I bent down and slowly, softly ran my tongue over the velvet folds of skin that were already moist with her excitement. I crave satisfying Sweetness orally and would do it constantly but remembering I was only here to prep her for the use of her vibrator, I withdrew and sat up. She wasn’t reaching for her present. “I changed my mind. I want you to continue.” Heaven! I resumed my oral stimulation lightly touching the lower edge of her opening with two fingers. She relaxed and her legs fell further apart. I pulled lightly on the opening with my fingers. Her back arched. Flicking the side of my tongue against her firm clit, I slipped my two fingers into her quivering love muscle. Sweetness let out a long deep moan. I began a gentle stroke with my fingers while teasing her pleasure bud with kisses and licks. “Oooh Yes!” Her body convulsed several times and went limp. I withdrew not wanting to over stimulate and waited for her direction.

After a minute, Sweetness looked at me. “I think I would like you to do that again.” I was stunned. In all the years we have been together, I never got the opportunity to provide her with a second oral orgasm. “Yes Sweetness.” I started again, ever so gently, with licks, kisses, and a light finger massage of her outer skin. Tenderly, lovingly, stimulating her swollen womanhood and waiting for a change in her breathing, in posture, in muscle tension. “My Love. This is wonderful but I need something more.” I sat up. She reached over to the neglected vibrator, picked it up buy the base and extended the tip towards me. “Wet my present with your saliva.” She calmly ordered. With mixed feelings of homophobia and excitement of having my mouth on her sex toy, I ran my tongue down the length of the penis shaped pleasure wand. Back and forth several times until it was coated in my saliva.

“Very good. Thank you.” Sweetness commented and she positioned the present and slid the entire length into her pussy. She reached for the controller with her fee hand and turned on the vibration. I watched intently as she maneuvered the toy to just the right spots. Her face softened. Her lips parted slightly. A soft exhale left her mouth. The pleasure was building and then it came. Her back arched and mouth opened more. She inhaled deeply then let out a long moan, punctuated with each body convulsion. It was beautiful. My most favorite thing in the world is watching Sweetness cum.

Sweetness slipped the vibrator out and rolled on her side to face me. She reach over and held my cock with a very content look as I kneeled next to her. The slow strokes on my cock soon had it fully erect. I was desperately craving her but I didn’t want to interfere with her pleasure if she was content for the evening. I had to at least ask. “Sweetness? My I fuck you?”

“Yes. I would like you to give it to me hard from behind.”  She got on all fours then dropped her shoulders to the bed. Her ass looked fantastic. I positioned my bulging crown at her creamy opening just below and pushed forward. “God, you feel big.” she exclaimed. “Sweetness, you’ve been teasing me all night. I’ve been wanting this from the beginning.” The slap of my hips against the curves of her round ass punctuated the firmness of my thrusts. “Ummm.” she purred as she pushed back exposing herself for deeper penetration. I obliged and gave her a few deep thrusts. The sight of watching my thick shaft slide into her glistening lips is always a treat, but seeing it disappear below the kiss of her chocolate starfish against my abdomen was euphoric. “Oh yeah.” I uncontrollably grunted. Sweetness picked up on my altered state. “Remember, you’re not to cum until Monday.” I felt in control, mostly, until she uttered those words. The feel of her domination was too much and I felt I was going to lose control. I pulled my cock from her to see if I could refrain. The feeling was still building. I grabbed the base of my shaft and squeezed. My sac twinged twice with the urge to cum and then subsided. “You didn’t just cum after I told you not to? Sweetness agitatedly asked. “No. I controlled myself for you.” I replied as I reinserted my greased rod back in her. “Good. Because I wanted more and I didn’t’ want to have to punish you.” I resumed my thrusting with slight caution. I could feel the desire to release my seed building. Just as I felt I should do something about it Sweetness cut into my thoughts. “My Love, I am done now.” “Yes Sweetness.” I withdrew my slicked, pulsing rod and watched it bob up and down as my internal spasms continued. It was good timing. Left to my slow decision making, I would have tried to stop too late.

I flopped down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling with my legs spent and heart pounding in my chest. Sweetness cozied up against my side, nuzzled her head on my shoulder, and wrapped her hand around my limp, but still thick and full, cock. “I want to lay here for a little. That was wonderful.” She declared. “Sure. I like you against me.” I began replaying the evening in my mind. Half way through I realized Sweetness’s breathing had changed. They had become deep and slow. She was in a peaceful sleep and I was happy to have helped her get to that state.


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