It was a lazy vacation day and Sweetness got to sleep in. When she stirred, I was there with her coffee. “Today marks the anniversary of when I committed to serve you.” “Ummm, and it’s been wonderful.” She replied, reaching out for the mug of coffee. I wanted to quiz her and find out how much she enjoyed it, what she liked, didn’t like, her future plans for it, but I didn’t want to overwhelm her. I like talking and hearing about those things. It’s like foreplay. Most of the time, she prefers not to discuss the topic in detail. My inquisitive desire was too strong so I crafted a general question that could be answered briefly or in more detail. “How do you feel it has gone?”

“I like it.” “I feel pampered and loved.” I smiled. “I’m glad because I like to serve you.” She propped herself up on the bed. “My Love, why don’t you list all the things you are now responsible for while you massage my feet.” “Yes Sweetness.” I kneeled over her legs and began with her fight foot.

“The daily chores include:

Making, serving, and refilling your coffee,

Sweeping all hard surface floors,

Cleaning and putting away all dishes and cookware,

Keeping the counters, tables and chairs clear and clean,

Making the bed and keeping clothes off floor,

and Nightly foot massages.

The chores I do more than once a week but not daily include:

Two sessions of Sweetness worship,

Preparation of Sweetness’s lunches when she goes to the office,

and Cooking 3 well balanced meals.

The chores I do weekly include:

A back massage,

Laundry including washing drying and putting away,

Washing hard surface floors,

Cleaning power room,

Cleaning the master bathroom,

Vacuuming all carpets including stairs

Dust and clean woodwork,

And Collect and put out trash.

The chores I do less than once a week include:

Changing and cleaning bedding every two weeks,

And Pedicures every three weeks.

On demand chores can be anything but include opening doors, serving drinks, fetching items, and all other bidding Sweetness requires.”

“That is impressive. I am fortunate to have you.”

“Thank you Sweetness.”

“Since it appears you are finished with your list but have not got to my left foot I want you to recite your responsibilities while tend to my neglected foot.”

“Yes Sweetness.” I moved over her left leg, lotioned my palms, and began to knead as I started from the beginning of my list. I continued the massage after finishing my recital so it would not seem like I rushed to finish. “You know I love you deeply, but you have become even more valuable to me over this past year. I do believe this will continue and I will think of how I can get you to be more productive so I can get more done.”

“Thank you Sweetness. I look forward to continuing my service as you see fit.” The talk of her enjoyment and the feeling of her domination had gone right to my cock. It was as large as it could be without being erect. It had grown down the outside of her leg. If she had not felt the growth, I’m sure she felt the extra heat. “I’m glad we’re in agreement. Now, go refill my coffee.” “Yes Sweetness.” I moved off the bed and retrieved the mug from her. Noting her content gaze at my additional length, I swung my hips as I turned to leave letting my man-meat flail wildly. As it bounced around I made sure it was still visible for her to ogle as I walked out. “When you return you can put my coffee on the nightstand. I have plans for you.” “Perfect.” I thought to myself.


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