My cock was throbbing in her firm grip as she whispered in my ear, “now that I have your attention…” she rimmed my lobe and continued “you did not complete all of your outside chores this week. I understand things got it the way but they remain undone. The weekend starts tomorrow and I have work that needs to be done. I don’t want you spending precious weekend time on things that should have been done during the week.” Her tongue probed my ear and my cock was jumping under her control.

“I’m sorry Sweetness. What would you have me do?” I was in that state where I would agree to anything. She bit into my earlobe, then softly continued like she was divulging a secret. Her breath in my ear was driving me crazy. “I have given this a lot of thought. You will start your day much earlier than normal and finish the weekday work before coming in and doing your Saturday morning chores.” The resolute tone of her orders prompted my involuntary humping of her fist. “Yes Sweetness.” I chanted. “As soon as I wake and it is light I will let you fuck me. Then I will order you to go outside and finish you chores while I go back to sleep.” “Oh, yes. I will work for you. I obey you.” I was on the verge of cumming from her domination.

She wasn’t finished. Locking her free hand in my hair, she pulled and continued the oral assault. “You will not wake me with what you do outside or when you come in. When I do wake up, I expect you to have coffee ready for me.” “Yes Sweetness.” My voice was ragged. Every bit of me wanted to continue fucking her fist and explode on her but She controls my orgasms and today was not that day. I stopped pumping in an effort to control myself and managed to calm down.

”Do you understand?” she quarried to confirm and bit my ear lobe again. My cock jumped with pleasure in response. “Yes Sweetness. I do. May I fuck you now?” I couldn’t help myself I was in a state of lust for her and wanted to burry my cock deep inside her. “Not now My Love. I don’t think you are in a condition to control yourself and you are not permitted to cum until Monday night. I think you need to massage my feet. Then I will have you before we go to sleep.”

“As you wish.” I repositioned myself, being sure to display the throbbing rod she had just passed on, and settled into rubbing her feet. “Ummm, that feels wonderful. I want you thinking of how you will be made to get up and do work super early on a Saturday while you massage me.” “I am and it’s keeping me hard.” “Good. I hope it will make you more productive.”

We ended the night with gentle, face to face, intimate embrace where Sweetness repeated how the morning was to play out. My cock swelled inside her with each sentence.

The shrill sound of a bird call opened my eyes. My heart raced as I realized it was light. Sweetness’s hand reached over and grabbed my cock. The noise obviously woke her as well. The combination of stimuli had me hard almost immediately. “Get yourself wet and fuck me from behind.” “Yes Sweetness.” I quickly covered my shaft with saliva and sild up alongside her in a spooning position. She lifted her leg slightly and I poised my crown at the folds of her heaven. With a gentle thrust I penetrated her fully. We simultaneously moaned at the pleasantness of the feeling.

Our wake up sex is almost always a gentle bonding and I didn’t want to rock the boat this morning. I continued with slow, deep strokes. My shaft was bulging with excitement. Sweetness was on the verge of being finished with me sexually and not only kicking me out of bed but out of the house to do her bidding while she continued to sleep. I was working up to the orgasmic feeling when she broke through my thoughts. “My Love, go do your outside work.” “Yes Sweetness.” I dutifully replied, slowly withdrawing the entire length of my pulsing rod. I rolled out of bed and stretched, letting my cock continue its involuntary spasms as it pointed to the ceiling. Sweetness rolled with me, taking over my side of the bed and pulling my pillow up against her naked body. A pleasant smile crossed her lips as she briefly gazed at me before closing her eyes.

I enjoy serving her and it thrills me to do things that please her so much. It hardly seemed like work knowing I just had sex with her and she was now contently sleeping with the thought that her work was getting done.


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