Chore is defined as a small job or routine task, especially domestic and usually unpleasant. So why do I want to do them? I usually ponder this while in the middle of one and come to the conclusion that I don’t. The next level of thought is, “Why am I doing this?”

That is a complex question that boils down to a simple answer, I find enjoyment in serving my wife and having her control me. When we started down this path, my goal was to release some of the stress from her in cleaning the house for a party. This worked. What I truly enjoy is bringing her calm, happy, pleasing feelings. I like knowing she is happy and satisfied and that I helped get her there.

This has evolved into home cleaning, yard work, cooking, and body pampering. It was initially embarrassing that I would get an erection from her telling me she was adding more work onto my required duties. Now I understand that I am not getting excited to do more work, I am excited to have her command me and provide her service. I have come to crave her making me do more for her and experience that feeling of arousal. This becomes slightly problematic in that there is only so many hours in a day. Luckily, the more I perform a task, the more efficient I become at it and the less time it requires. This frees me up to take on new requests.

I love being teased to a high level of arousal and having her tell me what I will be doing next. Even more diabolical is when she asks me for advice on what I think should be done. In my euphoric state, I am not thinking of the work, only in that it would bring me more pleasure for her to impose these new tasks on me and command that they be done. I’m usually at the edge of orgasm at this point and chanting “yes, yes!” in agreement to he wishes. It thrills me to hear her tell me that I am hers to control and I obey her.

Sometimes, the morning after, as I start in on what I just offered up in my fit of ecstasy the previous night, I come full circle asking myself why am I doing these chores. What did I commit to? The answer is always the same, I commit to Sweetness.


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