“Do you remember having sex out here last summer while a torrential rain storm overtook us?” We were sitting, nude, at a picnic table on a small island, under a rustic pavilion. “We have sex here a lot but I remember that.” Sweetness said, with a grin. “That was special.” She reach over and held onto my cock. “It was magical and added to the delight of being out here, in nature.” “I agree.” I added enthusiastically, “There is something special about fucking outside. Maybe it’s the expressiveness of not hiding in a room. Maybe it’s the heightened senses of being in a different environment. Maybe it’s being more like animals. Most likely, it’s a combination of it all.” She leaned in and kissed my cheek. “I think it’s all of that, plus your cock deep inside me.”

My flaccid state began to transform and the girth of my flesh grew in her hand. Was she testing her powers or was that just an innocent statement. It didn’t matter at this point. I was already compromised. I pretended like nothing was going on and continued the conversation. “We have had sex in some fantastic places, remote tropical beaches, mountain overlooks, lakes, waterfalls, woods and we have several of these marked with GPS coordinates that we’ve gone back to and enjoyed again.” “Sometimes multiple times.” She added and slowly gave my firm shaft one stroke.

“I do think the natural environment adds to the natural act of sex. It feels amazing to have our naked bodies bound together, bathed in full sun, a light breeze on the skin, birds chirping, leaves rustling, and a peaceful view of nature’s scenery, as I give you a good pounding from behind.” “You know I enjoy you pounding me from behind just about anywhere but the wide openness of the outdoors is a dramatic change from four walls of our bedroom. There is a feeling of being more alive and engaged with nature.” “Right.” I added “and participating in an act common to all mammals.”

Sweetness began a more defined stroking of my pulsing rod. “I enjoy being naked outside and spending time like this with you.” “I agree. I look forward to being nude with you outside. We should do it as often as we can.” Sweetness was thinking over my last statement, then mater of factly said “We should add it to our list of visiting all 50 states.” I was right with her. “Yeah, we can check off a state when we visit and put an asterisk there when we were nude outside.” My mind kept going… “and a smiley face in the states that we have outdoor sex.” “I like that idea. She replied. “and I would enjoy fucking you in Yellowstone.” Her mouth was at my ear and I was losing the ability to have thoughtful conversation. “Let’s practice.” I blurted out. Without a word she stood and repositioned herself, kneeling on the seat and leaning on the tabletop. Her nipples were just grazing the surface. I stood and moved behind her. I was readying myself to slide into her love nest when she turned slightly to see me from the corner of her eye. Catching my gaze she smirked, “How’s the view?”

I laughed. “Feels like I’m already there.” I pressed my crown into her and didn’t stop until my hips met her rump. Grabbing hold of each side I started a rhythmic pumping as we both fantasized about national parks.


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