There have been several accidental orgasms that were ruined an attempt not to cum but this was the first that Sweetness decided she was going to ruin intentionally. “My love, we are going to have an experiment this month.” She whispered in my ear while slowly caressing my cock. My groin twinged with the joyful thought of her planning. “you were very good last month and only came the four times I allowed it.” I’m sure she could feel my shaft swelling in her hand. It was now hard as steel with veins bulging.

I remained silent in anticipation. “Not only will I allow you to cum on Mondays after you have served me well for three full days, I will allow you to cum on Fridays before you start your extended work.” My mind was racing with possibilities but I feared that a Friday orgasm would impact my weekend service. I have become aware that tasks seem more like work after I have cum. I do them but the desire isn’t burning to please Sweetness.

“Before you get ahead of me, these Friday orgasms will not be wanton. I will be ruining your Friday orgasms.” Her tongue probed my ear to punctuate her statement. My cock jumped in her hand and I blurted out, “Yes Sweetness.” “I am interested to see how it will affect your work for me. I also want to see if your body will feel less pain afterward.” Sweetness’s favorite position is being fucked hard from behind. This most often puts me kneeling behind her. Usually, right after an intense session, pain overtakes my knees. “From what I’ve read, there is not the physical drop after a ruined orgasm and this may help with your knees.” “I look forward to your experiment.” I replied, humping her fist. “I can tell.” and she bit into my ear lobe to define her authority.

“My love, I’m looking forward to the work you will be getting done for me this weekend. Now come kneel on the bed so I can ruin your orgasm.” “Yes Sweetness.” My shaft was already expanding as I positioned myself near her head. She bypassed the growing member, wrapped her thumb and fore finger around my balls and sucked them into her mouth. My cock was now holding itself up. She let my dangly bits slip from her mouth just enough to gently bite into them. The powerfully submissive feeling of my balls between her teeth made my cock jump as I moaned in pleasure. She grabbed my pulsing rod and added slow strokes to the ecstasy.

“It’s your turn my love. Grab your cock and stroke it for me.” I replaced her grip with mine and continued to build the sensations. As my breathing changed and my whimpering increased Sweetness stopped her oral testicle stimulation. “I want to see you ruin your orgasm. Let it spill out on my breasts.” The words alone nearly put me over and I released my grip to keep from going too far. She was going to make me do it myself, for her to view. My rod was bobbing with excitement. “Keep going but make sure you ruin it.” She added with encouragement. The passion in her eyes fueled my lust and I resumed slowly stroking myself. I watched her as she gazed intently at my work. “Yes, that’s it. I want your ruined orgasm on my breasts.” I moaned again, let go, and watched it bob more as I continued moaning. I could feel the build and I wanted to be sure I didn’t give myself a full orgasm.

“A little more. Let me watch your cum dribble from you.” I put my hand back on my throbbing shaft and gave a slow stroke. I could feel a deep build like my body was coiling to jump. I gave a second slow stroke, moaned and let go again, looking at Sweetness. She looked at me and then back to my pulsing cock. It was coming this time. I could feel it. Then, with a deep tremor I exclaimed, “oooooh!” and a long glob oozed out from my crown and dropped on her luscious breasts. A second load followed.

“Very impressive my love. You did well. Now, I see cum on me. You need to clean it up with your tongue and eat it.” “Yes Sweetness.” I bent down and greedily lapped my cum off her naked body, something I always hesitated about and avoided in the past. With the task of cleaning her complete and still sporting an erection, I queried “Sweetness, my I fuck you?” “Yes, you may.” she replied while spreading her legs. I positioned myself below her and pressed my crown against her love folds until they parted. Her self moistened sex made it easy slide my shaft deep inside her and told me she enjoyed what she had done. Lowering my body onto her she took no time to find my ear with her mouth. “I believe this was a successful experiment. I can see the benefits already.”


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