Sweetness kept shifting. I knew there was something wrong. She had me poised over her where she was slowly stroking the length of my throbbing cock. I straddled her left thigh on my knees. My shaft and balls were against her outer thigh where she could easily toy with them. She exhaled in my ear with a bit of disdain. “My Love” she queried, “how were you instructed to maintain my toys?” She squeezed her grip on my package to get the point across. “I am to wash regularly and keep them shaved smooth.” “Yes, you are right.” She purred and circled my ear with the tongue.

She pumped my cock a few times then reached further down and pulled on my balls. My back arched instinctively and I felt her control. “How often do you shave?” Her tongue pushed into my ear and I let out a moan. I’m sure she felt my girth fully expand in her grip. I sensed I was being set up but I had all I could do to answer her truthfully. “Once a week, but I touch up parts almost every day.” I tried to make it sound good. “hmmm,” she pondered “so do you think that is doing the job?” It obviously was not but I always hated the effort in continually shaving those areas. “No.” I defeatedly replied.

She continued her interrogation, “What do you think I should do about this?” her teeth bit into my ear lobe for effect. My cock jumped at her control. “You should make me come up with a more regular shaving program.” I didn’t want to do it but I knew I should be smoother for her. I could feel the smile form on her lips as they moved across my ear. Without losing contact she whispered. “I think we’re beyond that.” My full body stiffened at her dominance and execution of the conversation. I was on the brink of orgasm and working to control that while attempting to understand what was happening.

She stroked my pulsing cock slowly as to not send me over the edge. “Tomorrow…” there was a long pause to heighten the anticipation, “You will make yourself an appointment for a laser hair removal of your genitals.” Her grip tightened on my shaft while she simultaneously pulled my hair with the other hand and probed my ear with her tongue. “Sweetness!” I exclaimed as I briefly paused to hold back blowing my wad in her hand. I felt so submissive and controlled. The feeling was completely euphoric. “Yes, I obey you.” I replied in a slightly nervous voice. “You will go to the consultation, take notes, and report what you learn to me.” “You’re wish is my command.” I replied as I now realized I was unconsciously humping her fist.

Laser hair removal had been brought up in the past but it never seemed like a reality, more like banter and jesting. On one side, the idea was appealing as it would be nice to always be smooth for Sweetness, but on the other hand, this would be mostly permanent.  My cock was expressing my true feelings. I drifted off to sleep with a full erection fantasizing about Sweetness’s control over me and her making me move forward with permanently removing my pubic hair.


14 thoughts on “The Last Straw

  1. I like it, thank you for posting:
    I think most woman want there man or sub shaved and clean of all hair including between his ass crack and anus.
    I very much enjoy touching my subs hairless penis and balls. he puts baby powder on daily to make it nice and soft.
    I also enjoy his hairless anus when I push my strapon in him. It would be odd for me to see hair there when I am fucking him.

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  2. I’ve had my pubic hair laser removed. It took 9 monthly visits. Most of it has been gone 15 years. However, it isn’t perfect. My balls still have some hair. We use a home laser-like device. It’s done a lot, but some remains. Laser hair removal hurts a lot from the balls. I use a lidocaine cream that helps.

    Good luck!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. First, it’s hair removal then maybe tats like “property of …” and then, who knows, a branding if you guys are into body mod. It’s a way of reminding yourself of whose property you have become.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I just received my first tattoo on command of my Queen. A more obvious ownership tattoo is planned for later this year. I’m actually quite excited to get that. I do hope to go to a different shop though as I don’t want a man to do this one. The shop where I went is highly sought out but they only have male artists.

      Liked by 1 person

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