My hands glided up her bare back with the help of the floral scented lotion. I had just started in on her Sunday evening massage. Straddled over her upper thighs and fully naked as well, I began working out her tension. Sweetness like the feel of my cock against her ass. She knew I liked what she was saying when she could feel it stiffen and press against her. This was one of those times.

“You have been very attentive this weekend my love. I think you have set a precedent.” She caught me off guard. My mind raced to put the comment into context and what it meant.

A week earlier she asked me to refine last year’s plan for completing our taxes efficiently. With ownership in several businesses and real estate, they are burdensome. I presented her with a six week outline with weekly benchmarks. “I like what you have done. Now, to keep you on track, we will use the same deadlines as last year. The problem is, last year you had more orgasms to work with now you only have one each week.” She was effective with having me complete our taxes last year but I didn’t like where this was going even though my cock was growing as she laid out her plan. Last year if you messed up you lost the orgasm for that day but could have it the next day. This year, if you miss the goal by 4PM Saturday you will not be cumming that weekend. I will however, carry it forward to the following weekend if you get where you need to by 10PM. If you are not finished with what you outlined by 10PM Saturday you will forfeit your orgasm for that week.”

The entire conversation flashed through my mind as I sat on Sweetness massaging her back. I had missed the 4PM deadline yesterday. Partially because I was depending on having IRS forms downloaded and some were not available yet. I also failed to go beyond and do additional items for the upcoming week. In my weakness and not wanting to lose my orgasm in week one, I pleaded to give me a break as it was not all my fault. “You had all week but you were unaware you would not make your deadline until 4 hours prior.” She stated. “I am feeling benevolent and will grant you a ruined orgasm Monday night if you rework your plan and do additional steps by 10PM.” She was right and it was better that she call me on it or there would be too much flexibility in the next 5 weeks. “Yes, Sweetness. I agree.”

I snapped back to reality. “What do you mean, new precedent?” I didn’t want to make any assumptions. “You are working very hard to earn your orgasm for tomorrow even though it will be ruined and I like what you are doing.” She exhaled peacefully and I kneaded my fingers into her shoulder blades. “I think you may need to continue this level of service in order to receive you orgasm for the week.” She paused to let that sink in. I could feel the butterflies forming. It was exciting to have her control me but scary to be in a position to lose my only orgasm for the week. “From the feel of it, you like the idea.” I glanced down to realize my cock was pressing into her right ass cheek and looking for more room to grow. I dislodged it, laying the length along the crevasse. “I like the feeling of your control over me.” I chickened out and could not admit the excitement I felt thinking about her eliminating my weekly orgasm just because I didn’t fully please her. It would make my submission more intense and her control more absolute.

Typing that out makes it obvious that I would deserve the punishment but thinking of it being implemented seems harsh, and yet I am drawn to the restriction. I crave Sweetness to mold me to perform for her what she desires and this may be what is needed. A few lost opportunities to cum may make me much more attentive. I am already thinking of what I could do better tomorrow in order to make sure I am rewarded with a ruined orgasm Monday.

“I know you like my control. That’s why I’m thinking you will like this even if the outcome from your perspective looks bad.” She paused, reached around her back and stroked the full length of my erect shaft. “I’m going to think about this to see what tomorrow service brings and see if you continue to do enough to earn your ruined orgasm.” I had unwittingly trapped myself. In trying to earn back an orgasm I had lost due to uncompleted work, I created an increased effort which Sweetness is now considering using to judge all future orgasms. If I don’t do more for her tomorrow, I may miss out on the ruined one, and what will next week bring? I could only resolve to do better, something I probably should have been doing all along.


4 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Hi New, thanks for posting.
    I think I already love your wife. She is very direct, She completely controls your sex, your releases, you immediately consider how it will be. But you also just accept it and will follow instructions to the best of your ability. I love that even if the task completion is not done due to external circumstances, She still hold Her ground.. I also love you pamper Her, you are good man

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