It was Monday, the day after Sweetness’s back massage where she decried from now on I would be required to go above and beyond in order to receive my weekly orgasm. She also made it clear that this extra effort was to focus on her personal pleasure not just extra time doing chores.

“My Love, I am impressed. You have earned back your orgasm for tonight but, as stated, it will be ruined.” It was a matter-of-fact statement but there was an underlying devilish tone to it. I didn’t think much of it as I was excited about the words. I get to cum tonight! “Thank you Sweetness. I am happy you approved of my effort.”

The evening seemed to drag on. “Let’s go upstairs so you can get your reward.” Finally. I was like a dog ready to go on a car ride and was in the bedroom waiting next to the bed before she even left the living room. She entered with a grin. “Strip and submit to me.” “Yes Sweetness.” I replied and began sheading clothes. She laid down without undressing. I positioned myself over her on elbows and knees as usual with my ear near her mouth. I felt her hand reach for and encircle my balls. She pulled on them while whispering in my ear. “My Love, you will do one more thing for me before I actually grant you a ruined orgasm. In an instant my shaft engorged to its full size. She slid her hand up and stroked the length. “You will provide me my evening foot massage with extended time.” Her tongue outlined my ear lobe. “Yes Sweetness, I serve you.” I eagerly responded, half wanting to cum right then. When you finish my massage I want you to kneel by my head so I can lick and bite on your balls. When you are on the edge of orgasm you are to tell me so we can prepare for your ruined release.” “Yes Sweetness.”

I spent the next thirty minutes with my back to her as I massaged her feet and wondered what kind of preparation would be required to cum if I was already close. My erection never really left and I’m sure she could feel it against her leg. When the massage ended, I positioned myself as requested. She slid her thumb and forefinger around the base of my sack, trapping my balls from escaping into my body. The moisture from her tongue sent tingles through me. The slow seduction had my cock throbbing. I could feel her lips on me as she sucked my testicles into her mouth. She made sure they grazed over her teeth on the way out. The licking, sucking, and mild biting soon had me wanting more and I could feel the building of an orgasm. I held back as long as possible to enjoy her control over me. “Sweetness, I’m about to cum.” I informed her. She immediately let go of my sack and rolled over to the edge of the bed. When she rolled back there was a black plastic table spoon in her hand. Holding it out and moving into a better position to view the upcoming activity, she looked at me. “I want you to stroke your cock and ruin your own orgasm onto this spoon. Then I’m going to feed it to you.”

“I grabbed my cock with enthusiasm and stated pumping it. “Yes Sweetness. I obey you.” This felt kinky as hell and it was oddly turning me on. As if sensing my over zealousness she added, “Remember, this is a ruined orgasm.” Right. I was almost there and seeing the lustful look in Sweetness’s eyes finished me. I let go and we both watched intently. The spoon rested right at my tip to ensure catching everything. After a few short seconds, my glory spilled out to fill a little less than half the spoon. The contents we a mix of thick white and runny clear fluid which was highlighted quite distinctly on the black spoon. Sweetness waited to make sure no additional cum would seep out. She got up on her knees with a smirk across her lips. “Open up and take you medicine My Love.” I did as instructed and felt slightly embarrassed but the whole act was hugely erotic for me. I thoroughly enjoyed her dominance and control over me.

Sweetness placed the spoon on my end table. “Well leave it there as a reminder.” Apparently, she enjoyed it as well.


10 thoughts on “A Spoonful of Cum Helps the Husband be Submissive

  1. Hi Herwish:
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    I really enjoy reading what other men do for their Woman. It is refreshing you men exist and their are other Women reaping the benefits of a good man.
    I especially think it is very important for you to show her your devotion by consuming you semen.
    Can you remember back to the very first act of your submission swallowing your own semen? did you request it or did She order it? I am just wondering

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Off and on for a long time I say I was going to lick my cum from her when we were done but after I came it had no appeal and I never did it.
      Since Starting the Femdom / FLR I mentioned I fantasized about her making me eat my cum. It didn’t happen right away but the night it did she told me that she would be watching me masturbate and cum in my own mouth.
      Now it is something she enjoys having me do and has said I will be eating all my cum this year regardless of where is deposited.


  2. Yes, I’m beginning to see that. Sometimes its just the little things like her telling me off the cuff to go do something small and it feels like electric going through me. There is no animosity for being told to do something it is complete excitement about her domination.
    Thanks for re-blogging this.


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