After reading a blog entry by Naughty Nora about getting back to basics and developing a contract for herself it dawned on me that I have not really looked at my ‘Devotional’ for many months. I decided to review what I had written and committed to and update it for the New Year. The following is the overview I titled “Devotion, Adoration, & Desire for my Sweetness”

Devotion, Adoration, & Desire for my Sweetness

I love Sweetness completely and have freely given her control of my body, my time, and my resources. She is to use me as she sees fit. I am here for her comfort and pleasure. I obey her to the best of my ability and she has full power to take corrective measures if she feels they are warranted.

We have discussed my previous obligations and how they were performed through the end of 2017, where improvements could be made, and where things need to be expanded for 2018. After consideration of our conversation, Sweetness outlined the following list that I would perform for her in the New Year. I obey her and have accepted her outline as my primary responsibility.

DAILY ROUTINE                                                                                   

  • Make and serve coffee
  • Prepare fresh fruit for pre breakfast
  • Put away clean dishes
  • Dry sweep all downstairs floors
  • Make Bed daily – wash & change sheets biweekly
  • Shave – keep body smooth and stubble free in required areas.
  • Keeping master bath sinks, counter, shower clean of hair and powder
  • Make lunches on days Sweetness goes to office.
  • Offer & Serve drinks through the day.
  • Clean and put away all dishes.
  • Clear and clean Kitchen and Dining room tables & chairs
  • Keep counters clear & clean
  • Pickup clothes on master bedroom floor.
  • Provide 12 minutes of foot massage nightly.


  • Wash all hard surface floors.
  • Clean Powder room
  • Fold and put away laundry


  • Vacuum all carpets and dust rooms
  • Clean Master bathroom
  • Sweetness worship – scalp and hair 15 minutes


  • Submit full week dinner menu by 5pm Wednesday
  • Extra cleaning – library, attic, basement, garage
  • April – October outdoor yard work 1hr


  • April – October outdoor yard work 1hr
  • Sweetness worship – shoulders & neck – 15 minutes


  • No extra tasks


  • Kitchen cleaning – all surfaces, all appliances
  • Cook breakfast


  • Cook breakfast
  • Wash laundry
  • Wash & Detail Sweetness’s car
  • Garbage & Recycling to be collected and put out
  • Sweetness worship – Back 15 minutes


  • Perform Sweetness’s bidding when asked.
  • Cook 3 dinners per week
  • Kiss hoochie coo as act of thankfulness and respect after each act of intercourse.
  • Clean up and consume all cum whenever & wherever released .
  • Apply warmed lotion when asked.
  • Provide pedicure every 3 weeks
  • Provide manicure when requested
  • Offer Birthday week extras each month the week of Sweetness’s birthday
    • Increased foot massage time to 20 minutes
    • Nightly back massage of 15 minutes
    • If requested extend back massage with intercourse
  • No use of sweetness’s razors
  • Sex Etiquette. No cum on sheets Well lubed cock & Hoochie coo – no cock poking
  • Insure hoochie coo is clean & smooth

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