“My Love, your training collar will be here tomorrow. We will do some initial testing. If you tolerate the lower shock levels and I enjoy the experience, I will order you to customize it for use around you genitals.”

The comments kept running through my mind as I strapped the dog shock collar around the base of my cock and balls. Sweetness sat on the bed, fully clothed, with the remote in her hand. This is not on my kinky list but somehow, intrigued enough, I commented to Sweetness about it. It took a few weeks and with the help of a pop-up ad on our weather site as a reminder, she ordered one.

I’m not crazy about electrocution so I was apprehensive about connecting this to my genitals. It is my desire to serve Sweetness and let her have control over me that ultimately got me here. If this is a tool she feel comfortable with using to get my attention, correct my actions, and perhaps, punish me, then I’m all for it. My thickening cock did not go unnoticed as I finished securing the device. “Hey big fella, are you thinking this is about sex?” she quipped. “No. No! I just find it exciting to submit to you.” I did find if sexually stimulating but it was more about being controlled and dominated. “Good, because I would hate to have to start the tests with a high shock number.” She was really starting to turn me on with her dominance.

“Come up here and kneel on the bed next to me.” She commanded. “Are you ready?” I nervously nodded my head and grunted “ah huh” but I was thinking the opposite. I felt a small twitch under my testicles. “That was #2.” She informed me. “Oh, that wasn’t too bad.” I barely finished the sentence when I felt a pin prick feeling in the same area. “Ok that was more noticeable.” I said quickly to provide feedback on level 3 but she had already hit the button again. I visibly twitched like I was having a shiver or muscle spasm. “Now, that was noticeable.” She said with a smirk on her lips. “4 seems to get your attention.” “I felt the others.” I protested softly. “Yes but we’re not talking about merely feeling it. I want you to jump to my service.” That was sexy for me as well. I like thinking that she enjoyed me being very prompt to do her bidding.

I wore the shock collar about eight hours a day over the next few days. The first day was a snow day where we both worked from home. She found it very amusing how quickly I would leave my chair and come to her side after pressing the button. On one occasion, she was on a conference call and had to silence the microphone as she was laughing at the immediate sound of the recliner straightening and my quickened footsteps across the house to get to her side. “I would like a drink.” She managed between chuckles. “Yes Sweetness.” I went to the kitchen thinking that I enjoyed seeing her entertained by this and hoped it would help her take more control of what she had me do. I didn’t mind the level four shocks. It was more a surprise than anything.

There were two occasions when she came to me with a disturbed look, holding the remote in her hand. “I have called for you four times.” “I’m sorry, Sweetness. I did not feel anything.” It turned out that the collar did not have good contact as my sack stretched and was thinner diameter or the extra length of strap went under the contacts.

On day 5 we tested the range. “I am going to zap you on your way to take the garbage to the street and you will let me know when you feel it.” “Yes Sweetness.” Our driveway is 800 feet long so this would be interesting. I was curious as well. I felt the first zap only 100 feet from the house turned and waived my recognition. Fifty more feet and I was jolted again almost making me skip instead of walk. I quickly dialed her number. “Yes?” she answered. “I can feel that and I have hardly gone anywhere.” I said in a somewhat panicked protest. “Well, I want to make sure I know where the exact cut off is.” It was said so innocently but I couldn’t help thinking she was laughing at my dance down the driveway.

“Can you feel me now? How ‘bout now?” “uh, yes to both!” ok, the spotty cell phone service reference was amusing but now I was on a mission to get to the bottom of the driveway, fast. “You are fading from my screen Mr. Bond, but the end cannot be far away.” Oh, funny. She is enjoying herself. “Ok, I am at the mailbo… yes, and I felt that.” “Wow, good to know. I can reach you anywhere on our property.”

I had just finished her Sunday night back massage and Sweetness had me submit to her. With her hand on my erection and her tongue in my ear she began her instruction – “My Love, you will modify the collar to fit your balls. We are keeping this. You are to wear it whenever you are home and clothed. If we are alone, you will wear it when nude as well.” “Yes Sweetness, I obey you.” I liked that she was interested in this. It would be a way to deepen our bond and hopefully have her feel even more comfortable controlling me. Then, a line from the Matrix move crossed my mind, from the Merovingian – “Ok, Let’s see where this goes.”


14 thoughts on “Electrosex – WTF am I thinking.

  1. Nice. My Queen has me wear it when she is out. As she arrived home in the car she lets me know (via shock) that I’m to come out and help her bring things in or just open her door! If you keep it tight, you will feel the zapper even at level one!

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    1. I did read that in one of your posts… and passed it along. It was like a light bulb went on “huh, I hadn’t thought of that”.
      I try to keep it tight but I dont want to have to keep adjusting it. Sometimes when my balls want to retreat (or are very cold) it takes more room. then, when they’re relaxed there is much more. I guess it will be a bit of trial and error.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, thank you.
      We are both enjoying it so far. Obviously, my enjoyment has some trepidation associated with it. My wife’s enjoyment also has a hint of justification to it. I think, as she gets more comfortable with it, a zap will be second nature to express herself… where in the past nothing would happen or be said. This make it easy for her to express herself.

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  2. We’ve been using training collars for years. Mrs. Lion’s interest waxes and wanes. She likes to mischievously shock me when we are out shopping. I have a few posts about adapting and using a shock collar. It has to fit tightly enough so the contacts remain firmly touching the skin. We changed ours to larger contacts. They are available from the training collar manufacturer.

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  3. This sounds like another “be careful what you wish for” topic. I love the concept of my wife having this level of convenient and easily accessible control. I do hope that some day I am saying “WTF was I thinking!”.

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  4. Good morning. I am just in the midst of contacting all my nominations. Unfortunately it was brought to my attention that the creator of this award is a young 19 year old girl. My blog contains adult content and I’m not comfortable with submitting my entry no longer. I will be withdrawing today. I of course will leave that decision up to you. Have a great day. 😊

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  5. Dayliacatt,
    Thanks so much for considering this blog for an award. curiousclitty also nominated it and I am flattered. Seeing as it is a young lady (and I haven’t put any work into the submission) I will pass. But I thank you both tremendously for the acknowledgement.
    Good luck with your submission.

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