Workday Teasing

“I want you to take these dirty panties with you to work and think of me.” My pulsing erection answered for me.


No Cumming for You

The gentle caressing of my velvety smooth shaft had my full attention. It had been two weeks since I was permitted to cum and I was aching for a release. My submission and obedience is evaluated every Monday night to determine if I served exceptionally enough to earn an orgasm. “You seem anxious.” Sweetness purred…

Request Denied

“I’ve been thinking…” the words were already out of my mouth when I realized that was a lame approach. “Yes?” the inflection in that word proved my point. I stammered to recompose my thoughts but didn’t want to hesitate too long. “I would like to propose the Tuesday chores of vacuuming all carpets and cleaning…