The workday drug on forever. It was exacerbated by my extreme lust and desire to be with Sweetness. The first day back after a weekend being together all the time always increases my feeling to be with her. This was compounded by Sweetness denying me an orgasm for three weeks to the day. It has been the longest I have gone without cumming. Part of me wants to cum and enjoy the fun of having her tell me to do so. This is mostly true while I am in an excited state. The other part of me wants to feel her firm control and authority in telling me I will not be cumming.

Under my desk, my cock was growing down my leg. I had a strong up swell of feelings to be fucking Sweetness. I needed to tell her and not in some code over work e-mail, I needed to be crude. I punched out the buttons on my phone and hit send “Sweetness, I’m having wicked thoughts of fucking you long and hard.” A few minutes later her reply sounded off on my phone. “Interesting :-D” I was hoping for some sexual banter but at least she read my message. Work can get in the way of fun sometimes.

Half an hour later, my mind was still on Sweetness and wanting to fuck her. I was picturing all the positions I would like to have her in, way more than would be practical in one session. I reached for my phone to see if I missed a second reply from her. My hand grasped material in my pocket and my mind flashed back to earlier in the morning. “My love.” Sweetness purred as our naked bodies came together in an embrace. Her hand reached down for my thickening meat. The feeling was odd then I realized there was fabric in her hand. She rubbed it on my cock. “I want you to take these dirty panties with you to work and think of me.” My pulsing erection answered for me. I love smelling her scent especially when she texts me to take them out and smell them at work.

I discretely pulled out her thin lavender panties and raised them to my face. The sent was intoxicating and I didn’t want to put them away. The fear of getting caught sniffing panties trumped my desires and I shoved them back in my pants and retrieved the phone. I punched out my newest craving “I just sniffed your dirty panties, now I have an urge to cum on them.”

By lunch time there was no reply of contact. Her job can get consuming. I didn’t want to be obnoxious but I wanted to interact. Vanilla conversation may go better. I worked up a brief e-mail and sent it.

It was approaching three in the afternoon. This is a time I am required to check in with Sweetness by sending an e-mail between 2:55 and 3:00. This is to train me in promptness and show my obedience. For the past month or so we have used this time for me to eat a yogurt. This has been uses as a training substitute for my cum. It also works well for code in work e-mails. “May I eat my yogurt?” would not raise flags like “My I practice eating my cum?”

It was quarter after two but I wanted to get ready. I rummaged through my bag for the yogurt then realized I had not packed it. Feeling the need to bond with Sweetness, I sent off an e-mail right away.

“Sweetness, I forgot my yogurt today… is that a corrective action item?”

An incoming e-mail flashed on my screen a few minutes later. Joy surges through my body as I clicked to retrieve it.

“My Love, Hmm, that is a good question.  Perhaps figs while doing your tasks tonight.”

I like it. A crafty code for getting a figging tonight. My body was tingling. I waited a few minutes and sent a reply.

“Sweetness, You’re the boss but that seems dramatic just for forgetting yogurt… unless you have a higher priority of it than what I am thinking. I am interested in your view, I’m not whining.”

“You may be right, though I guess another option would be to delay what the yogurt represents instead…..”

I was waiting for this all day and she was now pushing my buttons. My cock was on the move again. I was enjoying the banter immensely.

“Sweetness, the more I think about this the higher my number goes. {this is code for the length of my cock} I don’t want to sway you (and in reality, I could whine about one thing but then get something worse) so I accept what you will have me do and work harder and not being in this position again.

That said, the yogurt for yogurt is relatablely interesting.”

“My Love, That is true…..sweetness can be devious….”

It was damn near three o’clock and the e-mail exchange had me hornier than hell. I quickly started a fresh e-mail that would be used to the week at 3pm.

“Sweetness, 3pm report, I was almost late being in a trance from your previous e-mail chain. (blood not flowing through the brain)”

“My Love, Think of the corrections piling up if you were late….”

“Sweetness, I’m very anxious right now. And I can’t write what I’m feeling and texting will take too long.”

“My Love, Then you better make sure to have excellent service tonight.”

That reply made it sound like she was thinking I wanted to cum. I do but I want more for her to deny my orgasm. I wanted to try to clarify, which is sometimes my downfall.

“Sweetness, I wasn’t thinking going that far. I just need – well actually it’s summed up in my 8:30 text. J”

That was a fun hour and I was really craving her. My mind was in full gear and I could not wait to get home. Thirty minutes has passed and I heard nothing. It was not that long but now I was amped and wanted to continue. I needed to release my unrestricted thoughts so I began punching out a text to her.

“I can’t stop thinking about fucking you. I’m so worked up. Please take advantage of me and don’t make it easy for me to earn my orgasm. I’m putty in your hands.”

To be continued…


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