Gathering my thoughts, I started in with Sweetness’s nightly foot massage.  It was Monday, the end of my reporting week where I summarize how I performed and what demerits were received. “I was late on two of the thirteen reports to you this week, I didn’t get to the wood splitting and I only got 1 or my two hours of weeding and landscape maintenance in.” I wanted to interject that the weather has been crappy and difficult to do the outside chores but she is aware of the weather and it would have come off as an excuse. As it was the hour of weeding I did get in was in a light rain.

“Thank you my love. Do you feel you have earned an orgasm this week?” I put extra effort into the pressure on her foot as I considered my response. It was easy, I thought. The two late reports seemed minimal considering I only have a five-minute window to get most of them in. The missed wood splitting and hour of weeding were more severe but only two demerits. “Yes, I do.” I replied confidently. There was no immediate reply.

I finished with her left foot and started on her right with the newly instituted foot worship. Starting with kisses on the top of her foot then moving to her arch and up the length to her big toe where I ran my tongue over the top and then across her other four. “I had to take the garbage out this week and your execution of dinner preparation has been poor.” She calmly stated. My heart sank. These were true. Unfortunately, I thought our son was dealing with the garbage and didn’t check on it. My meal preparation has been impacted by my larger obsession of earning the right to fuck Sweetness. She set a goal for completion for the house residing project and I didn’t make it. The penalty was no penetrative sex until it was done. That was a week ago. We have not gone this long without sex in over a decade. I thought for sure I would not only be finishing on time but earning the bonuses set in place. There have been many tedious points that have slowed down progress. As much as I hate to admit, I would never have gotten this far without the encouragement of potential bonuses and now the no-sex hard line. It has helped me push through many sticking points.

“Yes Sweetness.” I kept my reply short not wanting to upset her with excuse and quietly worked her foot over waiting for her judgement. “I am not going to make a decision on this tonight. I will wait until next Monday. If you provide exceptional service this week, I will grant you this orgasm and one for this coming week.” That seems fair. I still have the opportunity to earn this one. “However.” She continued. “Since you owe me an orgasm as a penalty for cumming without permission one of them will be taken away. You will only have earned one you will get to take and only when I say you can.” My cock was raging hard and throbbing against her thigh. Her dominance in stating how it would be and what I had to do was turning me on. I worked to stay in control. The last thing I wanted now was to shoot my load down her leg.

“Yes Sweetness. Thank you for the second chance to earn this orgasm. I want to obey you and make you proud of me. I want to eat my cum for you.” She squeezed my cock. “Mmmm, I appreciate that.” She stated seductively. “And you will be eating your cum for me. I’m looking forward to that.


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