“You have done very well this week.” The words repeated in my mind as I continued massaging her feet. My cock was stiff against her thigh with the comment. No hiding my excitement. “Not only have you earned your pending orgasm from last week but I am going to reward you one for this week’s service.” “Thank you Sweetness.” I look forward to receiving your reward.”

I moved to the other foot and continued her evening relaxation. “I think you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to get your reward because I’m not sure how I want to see you cum.” She warned. Something about how she said that was exciting. Maybe it was the power of slightly pulling away what she just rewarded me and making me wait. “I will obey your wishes. What are you considering?” I asked, thrilled that she would be ordering me to cum soon. “We have talked about many ways I would be having you cum and then eat it all and I’m not sure what I want first.” I was about to interject when she continued. “And, it’s been over three months since I have been able to order you to cum.” Yes, that was a disappointing fact. Every time I got close to her rewarding me with a release I would have an accident. My problems always occurred after 21 days. I just have no training for that. I am working off of decades of cumming whenever I could.

“How many times did you disobey me and cum without my permission?” Her question made me feel inferior but it was strangely erotic. “Four times Sweetness.” I replied softly. “So you have had four ruined orgasms in three months and I have not had the pleasure of commanding you to cum in that same time.” She stated flatly. “I’m sorry Sweetness.” I was sorry and I wanted to say more but I didn’t want to sound like I was making excuses.

I finished her foot massage and moved up beside her on the bed. “I have been fixating on making you cum on a bowl of ice cream and then eat it and the more I think about it the more I want to see it. I don’t want to wait for tomorrow. Go get yourself one scoop of butter pecan ice cream in a bowl and bring it back to bed.” I hurried off with my stiffness swinging between my thighs. It only took me a few minutes to return as requested.

Sweetness was laying on her side. “Place the bowl here in front of me and kneel over it.” She ordered. I did as instructed. “Now, stroke your cock for me.” I wrapped my fist around the thickening shaft. By the third pump it was fully erect. “Someone seems excited about what they are about to do.” She teased. I was very turned on by her watching me with my cock poised over a scoop of ice cream I was about be told to cum on. “Mmmm, yes. I am enjoying this.” She purred. My excitement was building. “Sweetness, I want to cum for you.” I blurted out. “And you will. I just want to savor this moment a little bit more.” Veins were bulging in my shaft as I fought to stay in control. “This is so hot.” She stated. “My Love, cum on your ice cream for me.” “Yes Sweetness, I obey you.” I barely finished my sentence and the first shot of cum hit the top of the scoop, melting it slightly and sliding down one side. Four more equally large loads coated the entire scoop of butter pecan ice cream.

Sensing I was finished she picked up the bowl to hand to me. “Now, eat your cum sundae for me.” She instructed. I released the grip on my shaft and took the bowl and spoon. What was so exciting for me ten seconds ago had little appeal right now. I wanted to show my obedience and devotion so I didn’t hesitate. The first spoon had a glob of cum in the half melted desert. I tentatively put it in my mouth. To my surprise, the super sweet flavor of butter pecan masked any taste of cum. My second spoonful was less appetizing. As I drew the spoon from the bowl a four inch long strand of cum hung off the side. I paused slightly, hoping it would drop off. It didn’t, so I raised the spoon higher. Sticking out my tongue, I caught the bottom or the cum drool and then lowered the spoon into my mouth. ”I am really enjoying this. It is so sexy.” Sweetness added for encouragement.

I continued eating the cum covered ice cream until it was gone, trying not to focus on what was on the spoon. After placing the empty bowl on the night stand, I laid down beside her naked body. “Was that ok for you My Love?” she asked gauging my reaction. “Yes Sweetness. It was very exciting to cum on the ice cream and have you make me eat it.” “Good! I’m glad to hear that.” She started smirking. “Next time we will be using chocolate ice cream so we can see your cum better.” We embraced and kissed. It was thrilling to hear her talk about wanting to see it again but I wondered if seeing my cum on chocolate ice cream would be more challenging. Part of what made it easy to swallow 😉 was that it was visually masked in the cream colored butter pecan.


15 thoughts on “Reward: Cum-coated Sundae

  1. That was great, thanks for also sharing the little details. They make all the difference. 🙂

    Isn’t it fascialnating how abruptly the attitude towards cum eating changes from the deep desire to be made to do it in front of your Dominant spouse (especially if it is fueled by the desire to finally cum after a long denial) to the feeling of repulsion and humiliation immediately after the orgasm (if actually granted one). It is a reflex reaction. I for one cannot force myself to lick my cum unless it is directly from my Wife’s pussy, then Her taste and smell which I find pleasant even after my orgasm overcomes the disgust at tasting my own semen.
    Please don’t forget to tell us about the chocolate sundee 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Back when I was coming whenever I wanted (about 3+ years ago), my Queen had me cum in a shot glass and then shot glasses. The shot glass would then go into the freezer so that I could build up the amount of cum for my sundae. Each shot glass would hold about 20 orgasms worth of cum. When I had two shot glasses over ice cream there was no way of forgetting what I was eating. However at the rate I now orgasm, this will never happen again! lol 😜.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great blog! You have a very clever wife-mistress. I love to read how Sweetness demonstrates her love for you by requiring you to submit to her. It’s great to see her growth as your mistress over the course of your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Herwish:
    What a Wonderful post, Thank you for sharing.
    I think it is impressive how you satisfy your wife, I think if a man will not consume his own seed then he really is not worthy of his wife’s attention.
    Something that makes me very happy is your commenters all are in a FLR relationship it sounds like by their comments anyway, this says a lot about we women are finally being recognized by our husbands as being worthy of serving..
    I wonder if there are more of us then we think?

    Liked by 2 people

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