My mind is usually on sex. If it’s not, it’s just one synapse away. Lately, thinking about sex is rolled in with serving Sweetness and being dominated by her. I fantasize about her control of me and how exciting it makes me feel. I’m constantly reviewing what I should and could be doing to server her. Much of it is becoming second nature.

My challenge lies in the fact that as I spend all this time thinking of serving her and adding new things, it leaves me way ahead of her thought process. I don’t really like telling her these thoughts because I don’t want to dictate what she does and it feels sexier when she come up with things. I’m also afraid it may be too much for me to handle and then I only have myself to blame for giving the suggestion. I wouldn’t mind divulging things if I was coursed by her to reveal these items as then it would ultimately be her search for the information that led to the new rules / tasks. And, if she had certain areas she wanted to explore she could quiz me about them during some teasing to reveal new possibilities.

I enjoy the feeling of having her trap me by her questions, where the only answer I can give is one that has no advantage to me and gives everything to her. I love hearing how I am hers to control, how I can only cum when she permits it, and how I am only permitted a chance to earn one orgasm a week, how I do her bidding, and how I will never get that control back. My cock turns rock hard and I lust after her when hearing those things.

Which brings me to the title – I am oblivious to the effort I put in to serving her when she is sexually teasing me as all I want is to please her and feel her praise. In fact, most of the time I am oblivious regardless.


3 thoughts on “Oblivious

  1. I can relate to your thoughts Herwish.

    My thought proces works like this. Sex is on my mind most of the time as well. And so is doing stuff for my Wife, because that is the way to sex for me. And because of that I get erections also from nonsexual services snd acts like washing Her lingerie, cleaning Her shoes, kissing Her sweaty feet etc. or from hearing Her orders like when She tells me that I must be home by 10 pm for example (and punishes me sexually if am not). Being dominated by a Female turns me on and I like being in aroused state.

    Once we have sex, I prefer giving to receiving like 90% of the time. Because I get satisfaction (not unlike orgasmic feeling, just less intense but longer lasting) from causing and witnessing my Wife’s climaxes. It fulfills me. Having my own orgasm about once or twice a week is more than enough for me normally.

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