“My Love, I have decided to visit our son for five days and enjoy some warmer weather.” She had done this before and had her technique down. The words were whispered in my ear as she caressed my stiffening shaft. “Like before, I will make sure you will remember me and continue to serve me while I’m away by providing you a spreadsheet. It will break out each day with gear you will wear and chores to be done.” “I will miss you Sweetness but the time goes quick when I am working on completing your lists.” She grabbed my balls just as I finished the comment. “Good. Because if you want to earn an orgasm during this time you must be thorough with doing what I ask.” I groaned with pleasure at her dominance. “Yes Sweetness, I obey you.” My reply was almost a reflexive action to her grip on my testicles.

Sweetness didn’t reveal her spreadsheet until after I dropped her off at the airport. We embraced and kissed to say our goodbye. Before separating she grabbed by crotch and squeezed. “Like the last time, when you get home you are to slip the purple jeweled butt plug in your ass and then open and review my file. I look forward to your obedience.” Her grope was only a few seconds but I’m sure she could detect my quickly enlarging package by the smirk on her lips. “Yes Sweetness, thank you for letting me serve you.”

After greasing up my ass, I slipped the required butt plug into me and opened the file to read the instructions. As in the previous time, the overall instructions were in a list. I was already missing Sweetness and craving to fuck her:

Overall Rules for the Week

You will follow this file daily. Use it to record what you have done and what you have worn. Submit it to me by 10pm every night.

You are responsible for keeping our daily sex streak going. When you wake, you will masturbate for not more than 10 minutes while thinking of your service to me that day. THERE WILL BE NO CUMMING. You will call me prior to going to bed where I will listen to you masturbate as you tell me how much you worship me and want to serve me. THERE WILL BE NO CUMMING.

You must wear a butt plug after work and while doing my bidding.

The daily gear listed is to be put on when you wake and not removed until the following morning (excluding butt plugs). Report any problems or uncomfortableness so I may assess future use.

Dust living room, including behind the chess table, clear and remove the old TV stand.

Clear items around the kitchen sink and on the window sill.

This list, including daily items are in addition to normal chores you are responsible for. Personal tasks such as foot & back massages, worship time, and dinners that I cannot participate in will be accumulated and provided upon my return.

Check in with me a minimum of 4 times a day.


Wear the butt plug. Pick up veggies, clean Cutco knife holder, progress on removing walnut tree, deal with e-mails, and clean desk.


Wear the cock ring with ball net. Fix the back door paver step, work on the house residing, repair the car tire, and purge your mail slot.  (Along with normal Saturday items)


Wear a 17 oz ball weight. Continue with the back door step, wash cars, start cleaning up siding scraps, put out garbage.


Wear rope as cock ring. Do all normal Monday chores get river rock and place along back of house, find bracelet from AZ, take mower in for repair.


Wear a 17 oz ball weight. Complete normal Tuesday chores of vacuuming and cleaning the master bath but spend extra time in the bathroom and clean window sills and everything, put away clothes in closet


Wear hand cuffs with long chain – one end around your cock and balls the other hanging down your pant leg (I want this on when you pick me up from the airport). Normal weeding, clean up lilac bed and surrounding area.


2 thoughts on “Long Distance FLR 2.0

  1. Quite a list, it will keep you busy and aroused, no doubt.

    Are you supposed to go around naked while doing your chores? How long must those weights remain attached to your balls? Do you have erection most of the time?

    I respond with at least a partial erection every time I have to obey some order, be it sexual or not. But with nonsexual orders I usualy lose it quickly. I don’t have a hard on doing the housework, for example, unless I am wearing a buttplug (a very late addition). On the other hand, I stay more or less hard and leak precum washing my Wife’s lingerie or stockings.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I didnt have to be naked specifically but I was for some of it.
      The weights were on two of the days and it was for the entire 24 hours each time.
      I typically dont have an erection while doing chores or other tasks for her. Sometimes initially but when my mind focuses on the job at hand, the stiffness fades.

      Liked by 2 people

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