My back arched as my head pressed down into the pillow. It had been a while since I was in the receiving position for pleasure and Sweetness’s lips felt divine on my ridged shaft. One hand was cupping the cheek of my ass as the other firmly gripped the base of her attention. She was sucking my cock with an enthusiasm that was really driving me wild.

Just as I showed signs of total enjoyment, she eased up and flick her tongue at my crown. She circled the rim of the head, find the sensitive bottom center and continue up the crease to the opening. I was enjoying every moment. “I think you need some jewelry down here that I can play with.” She finished the out-of-the-blue statement with a demonstration of tickling the underside of my cock head with her tongue.

I felt my shaft immediately thicken at her comment. I didn’t really want my cock pierced. It’s something I never even considered doing but hearing her tell me she was thinking of it and the possibility of her controlling me that I would obey her made it very exciting. It took a while for me to comment as I needed to process what she said. “Are you saying you would consider making me pierce my cock for you?” I queried in a raspy voice. “I think it would be fun to play with something here and know I made you do it.” She finished her sentence burying my cock deep in her mouth with a twisting motion and repeated it several times.

“Oh, Sweetness!” I exclaimed. “I obey you.” The feel of her control was overwhelming and I had to resist the urge to cum in her mouth. Looking up at me, she locked onto my gaze and seductively retreated her moist lips from the length of my engorged cock. It was a slow motion maneuver that let me know when she reached the end my pleasure would be over. I let out a brief moan enjoying the sensations but mixed with the realization that she was stopping.

The rim of my crown being released from her mouth was spreading her lips wider and I watched with excitement and disappointment. At that moment she beared her teeth and bit into the tip of my cock. “Ohh, yes. You own my cock.” I exclaimed as it flexed in her clutch attempting to expand even more. “I do and I think you would bend to my will if I felt a piercing here would be entertaining for me.” “Yes Sweetness. You control me.” I wanted this to continue. I wanted her to keep toying with me. I wanted her to let me cum. I had given up that right and she had no plans to let me cum any time soon.


14 thoughts on “Private Piercing

  1. A very interesting topic. Yes, the thought did cross my mind a few times. I would have my cock or nut sack pierced without hesitation if She asked for it, they belong to Her anyway.

    Cock sucking became a very rare treat for me too. Pussy eating and cock sucking used to be a regular part of our sex. Pussy eating still is (an obligatory part of my service and I am happy for it), but now I get a blowjob only when She specifically desires to suck my cock. I haven’t had one since this summer.

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    1. My wife can never tell me enough how my balls are hers. I crave the constant re-affirmation. Part of it is knowing she is thinking the same way.
      Dito for me on the cock sucking… thankfully she enjoys feeling it get hard in her mouth from her teasing and suduction.

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  2. I know so well what you mean, the feeling thar my penis and balls are Her property and that I cannot even fondle them without Her permission is so very arousing. My Wife’s unrelenting sexual control helped me to learn to concentrate fully on Her body when I pleasure Her and to enjoy Her reactions and orgasms fully.

    A while ago we discussed vasectomy (not for the first time) and I told Her (again) that I would do whatever She asked me to. She finally decided and She will have my balls “cut off”, as we jokingly call it, in the spring.

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  3. I agree with you and my wife like the sexual control because she feels she now gets what she wants and can decide what it will be and for how long.
    Seems like the vasectomy / ball cutting could be a fun role play thing even though they are not really getting cut off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right and we it did happen once or twice. The teasing goes on along the lines of how She has little use for my little penis after I introduced Her to a much bigger vibrating dildo (which I did, and She really really likes it…), and Her needs are better satisfied with this dildo and my tongue. So I don’t really need my (ups, Her) balls anymore, do I?

      I admit, mind fucking like this has a big turn on effect on me, but there is some truth to it, frequency of Her riding my cock to orgasm really is down in favor of oral sex and that big vibrating dildo. I fuck Her with it, She never plays alone. And She cums so beautifully from it….

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I get that quite a lot, many times She either ignores my cock completely or tells me to pull out after only a couple of thrusts and to continue with one of the two vibrating dildos that we currently use. She doesn’t hide how much She likes them both, but especially the bigger one.

          I have a small penis and I cannot reach the bottom of Her vagina with it when She is fully aroused. Apparently She gets off on deep thrusting and this is easily provided with the big toy I bought for Her in the summer. The faces and voices She makes when I use it to pleasure Her have been unknown to me before. The first time I was so excited and shocked that I nearly ejaculated just from seeing Her orgasm. And She likes to keep it switched off deep inside Her for a while after the orgasm when we cuddle and She is all spent and She can feel my small unsatisfied erection pressed against Her body. Maybe I should be worried about this development, but I really and honestly want Her to have the best sex and the most powerful mind shattering orgasms. As long as I can be part of it and have exclusive rights for making oral sex to Her I would be OK with pretty much anything.

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        2. Thanks. Yes, She doesn’t hide that She likes having me under Her thumb in bed. She is the sexiest when She forgets about Her inhibitions and stops being a good girl and just takes what She wants, when She wants it and in the way She wants it and I just have to provide it. She says I spoilt Her with the big toys.
          There were some small but definitive shifts in our relationship this year in the direction of stricter Femdom, and not only in sex. Exciting and a little scarry…

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