This blog was started to chronicle my thought of our femdom journey. It takes motivation and enthusiasm… and time. I enjoy creating colorful descriptions of what we have done. I lost my motivation and enthusiasm and time has been hard to find.

Early this month I wanted to add another layer of my devotion for Sweetness. I love seeing her nude and being close to her womanhood. I proposed we add a 15 minute pussy worship session to each week’s agenda. I clarified that it would be as non-sexual as possible – light touching, caressing, soft kisses, and my cheeks against her pussy. At 15 minutes she had the total decision to thank me and end it or ask to continue with more enthusiasm.

She considered it for a few days but ultimately turned it down. I know it is all about her and if it’s not what she wants, it is ok; but I love putting my mouth on her and feeling her relax. I also love watching her cum. It is my most favorite thing to see that level of satisfaction in her. It is even more satisfying to give her oral orgasms.

I need to find the things that give her the pleasure similar to how I feel watching her cum and work on providing that knowing it is her ultimate pleasure. To me… nothing says it better than a body shaking quiver accompanied with an “Oooh yes!”


6 thoughts on “No Motivation

  1. I can totally relate to your feelings Herwish. Too bad Sweetness didn’t go for it, but as you say, it is all about Her.

    I am the same, pleasuring my Wife with my mouth and witnessing Her climax from it brings me total joy and fulfillment. Sometimes She has me do to Her pussy what you proposed to Sweetness. No penetration, licking or probing between Her lips, I may only gently caress, kiss and smell Her beautiful intoxicating Womanhood. I love it every time even though it makes me crazy with lust.

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      1. You bet 🙂
        I don’t know how it was for you before the Femdom phase of your relationship, but for me licking and eating my Woman’s privates has always been my favorite sex. I smelled and tasted my first pussy from my own fingers and I was instantly hooked to it. It has nothing to do with being submissive and everything with what turns me on sexually, but of course it goes nicely with being into Femdom.

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