On my recent birthday, I was daydreaming of that morning.  Sweetness woke me up by sucking my cock until it was hard, then riding it cowgirl while singing Happy Birthday. I love that and it is an excellent start to the day. I snapped out of it as she bit into my ear. We were standing in the kitchen. She had my pants around my ankles, her hand caressing my shaft, and her tongue in my ear. “I’ve decided to let you cum today my love.” My cock thickened at the words. “It’s been sixteen days and you deserve this but I think I will enjoy it more than you.” I was ready to fuck her right there and blow my load in her but the last comment confused me. “What do you mean that you will enjoy it more?” I’m not telling you now. Now is time for you to start cooking dinner.” The sex was dripping from her voice and I wanted to bend her her over the counter and fuck her hard.

She released her grip on my throbbing rod and stepped back. I sensed that she wasn’t considering having sex with me so I spoke up, making sure my feelings were known. “May I fuck you now before I start dinner Sweetness?” The grin on her lips revealed she knew exactly what I was thinking and that she had me where she wanted me. “No. I want you thinking of how wonderful it will be when I say those magic words to you…” she leaned in to my ear and whispered, “Cum for me now.”

It was hard to focus on dinner with my mind racing on orgasmic scenarios. We had family over to eat with us and it seemed like forever until everyone left. Sweetness grabbed my crotch when we were finally alone. “You need to get my foot massage done before we have your birthday treat.” We moved to our bedroom, I stripped and began my nightly task of massaging her feet. We were relatively quiet during the massage. I didn’t want to ramble on and ask questions and she wasn’t giving anything up.

“My Love, go get a piece of your birthday cake for me.” This seemed odd to me as she usually will not eat jest before bed, but I did as instructed. I returned with a slice of the ice cream cake she made for me and handed it to her. I rounded the bed to get to my side and she rolled over to face me, placing the plate on the bed in front of her. “Don’t bother laying down. I want you to kneel in front of me. You will be masturbating onto your birthday cake while I watch you, then I will have you eat it in front of me.” Her command excited me. We had done something similar a few months ago with butter pecan ice cream. Her comment at the time was that it would have been more fun if the cum didn’t blend in with the color of ice cream. I noted she solved that issue by making the top layer chocolate. The thought of her making me perform in front of her and release my 16-day storage of cum on food she would have me eat had me at full length as I positioned myself over the plate.

“Let me see you stroke that cock.” She ordered. I began pumping my shaft. “That’s it. I control you and your orgasms. When I give you the word, you are going to release all your pent up juice and cum over the top of your birthday cake.” I was attempting to control my urges to make the moment last for both of us. “Yes, Sweetness, I obey you.” I grunted in response to an overwhelming urge to release. “Not yet. I want to savor this.” She instructed knowingly. I waited a about fifteen more strokes before begging. “Baby, please let me cum on my cake for you.” “Do you know what happens after that?” she asked, toying with me. “Yes Sweetness.” I kept my answer short, concentrating on the building wave. “I need to know you know what that is my love.” She wanted me to say it and at this point I would do anything to be permitted to release. “I do. You want me to eat my cum coated birthday cake for you.” “That’s right.” She teased with, dragging out the final command. “Go ahead and cum on your birthday cake for me.”

The order was barely out and the unstoppable climax was building from deep within. I focused on the plate of ice cream cake as I didn’t want to disappoint but missing the mark. Several pulses coated the entire piece of cake. “Hold it there.” She ordered. “I want to commemorate this.” She snapped a photo. “Now, let me watch your devotion to me by eating your cum coated birthday cake.”




12 thoughts on “Birthday Orders

  1. Thanks for sharing Herwish, and happy birthday. It looks like a huge load 🙂

    The idea of being forced to consume my own cum is always so very exciting while I am horny (I encourage my Wife to make me do it), but once I blow my load it becomes repulsive to me (especially the smell of cum) so at that point I am glad that She finds cum eating yuck and rarely makes me do it, but I do it if told so. Sometimes She smears it all over my face.

    How do you really feel when you have to do it after the orgasm? Devotion? Excitement? Not arousal, surely? Humiliation?

    Licking my cum from Her pussy is another story, I would gladly do it anytime.

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    1. Huge load, well, it happens when you haven’t released in over two weeks 😉

      My thoughts on eating the cum after I release “No thanks!” – but I do it for the same reason she makes me eat it, to show obedience to her… So mostly devotion. I am definitely not aroused or excited. I dont mind eating my cum on food as far as flavor (I cant really taste it) but the consistency is gross on some things (Like melting ice cream)

      In fact in the ice cream case, I would prefer to just eat my cum straight up rather than have it on the ice cream.

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      1. Thanks. For me the feeling is a mixture of obedience and shame/humiliation for having been turned on by it only seconds ago. After some time I am of course turned on again by remembering how I was forced to eat my cum by a Woman. It is crazy, I know. But like I said, it is very rare.

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    1. Well thank you D. If I knew how to use emojis I could insert the blush…
      At this point I would love being sucked off. I haven’t cum in two weeks and Sweetness is telling me it will not happen until Christmas where she will most likely make me unload it on my own face and mouth.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I’ve lost a bit of zing and December was a coast month. I slacked off in a bunch of my chores but was given leniency and that just makes it easier to push the rebellion envelope. There were also other life crap that got in the way 😦
      The New Year may bring some change.

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