After experimenting with orgasm control in the last two months of 2016, Sweetness implemented control over my releases in 2017. I went from 210 unrestricted orgasms in 2016, to 106 in 2017, and only 36 last year. I definitely felt the need to want to cum more in and I feel it made me more obedient as I needed to earn each one. The 2018 benchmark of one orgasm a week was way off because I was losing opportunities due to unauthorized releases. About half of my orgasms were accidents (all in front of Sweetness) and she took away an earned orgasm each time that happen.

This was our fifth year in a row totaling over 1,000 P.I.V. sex acts and we still made it despite one month where she forbid intercourse until I finished a home project which took three extra weeks.

While some things have slacked off in my chores, I have been busy with larger, more far reaching items that were never contemplated. It excites me for her to be firm and patronizing in telling me how things will be and how I am to do as she tells me. A few of the accidental orgasms were set off with comments like that. Just before Thanksgiving Sweetness was edging me then whispered in my ear that I would be baking and decorating cupcakes to take to both the dinners we would be attending. The rush of her dominance and making me do baking for others made me fill her hand with cum before I could think to try holding back.

The 2019 plan will remain at one orgasm a week but the game has changed. This year we are focusing on reducing unauthorized orgasms and building my control. I will be permitted to earn one orgasm each week but will only get to cum after 14 days from my last release. I will be able to bank orgasms for a vacation week or a wild weekend – but I will lose some if I cum without her permission.

There is also a new method of scoring. Instead of counting tasks I did not do over the week I will be graded each day on my level of service. A 90 is given if all normal service has been carried out to Sweetness’s satisfaction. If tasks were not done or done poorly, the score goes down. If I go above and beyond and complete all normal service, I can earn more than 90. Currently I need an 85 to be rewarded with an orgasm but that will be increased to 90 after the trial period is over. This new system excites me because it plays into her education as a teacher and lets me build on my fantasy of her being my Mistress – the female school teacher of authority and control over me.


13 thoughts on “Orgasm Control – Year 2

  1. Hi Herwish. Wow, that is trully impressive, over 1000 PIV sex acts in a year??? And so few orgasms… Did you actually manage to make Sweetness cum most of the time? I don’t know how you manage so much sex without loosing control, I am completely humbled man…

    BTW, is that Your pic? I love having my balls tied and made vulnerable like this 🙂

    My own orgasms are way down too, but so is PIV sex, most of the time my Wife now wants to be licked for a long time and/or then fucked to orgasm with the big vibrating dildo. It was quite a big change because for many years riding me with Her on top used to be Her favorite and easiest way to finish with an orgasm after extensive pussy eating.

    Another big change (for me) this year was my Wife’s stricter control over certain aspects of non sexual life. For instance, I now have to ask for permission to hang out with my friends at night, especially Female friends, and She tells me when I must be back home. She even grounded me a few times for not taking it seriously enough!! I turns me on when She says NO and means it… I still fully enjoy hand washing Her bras, panties and stockings, we added cleaning and polishing Her shoes and boots to the list of my regular personal services to Her. I do it without being told and it excites me to handle these items that carry the fragrances of Her body (which I love to smell, always), but when She actively orders me to do it I get an instant erection. Once in the summer She even sent me off to wash Her really sweaty and dirty sports bra and panties and socks before I was allowed to join Her and Her closest Girlfriend for a drink (that I fixed for the three of us). She was polite enough, but it was an order nontheless. I nearly ejaculated from the excitement and when I returned after finishing my chore I was still fully erect (one of rare ocassions when having a small penis helped – it was easier to hide my boner) because Her friend witnessed my obedience, but I was not sure if She understood it fully. When I asked my Wife if She actually knew She wouldn’t tell me… Now I get excited whenever this Woman is with us. Not knowing for sure is such a tease…

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    1. Thanks for the comments Tom.
      yes 1000 piv. That averages to 3 a day. We do it when we wake up and go to bed so that leaves just one more… usually after work. Sometimes she declares a fuck-fest where we fuck every hour or every other hour. My wife does not cum with me fucking her and so most of these are short quickies just for the connection. Wake up sex is the same. In a spooning position to connect before the day starts.

      The photo is not of me but I love having my balls tied. She will tie me like this and have me fuck her from behind while pulling the rope like reins on a horse.

      We have been roll playing where her two favorite vibrators have names and are considered other men. Last night she came several times fucking them while sucking and biting my balls – telling me I would not get a turn.

      I also get turned on when my wife says no with confidence. Does your wife ever give you panties to carry with you? My wife will occasionally put a pair of her dirty panties by my sink in the morning. This mean I am to carry them with me. Throughout the day she will send me texts to tell me to pull them out and sniff them.
      I also get excited thinking about my wife telling other women what She has me do for her.

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      1. What a lovely bonding habit Herwish. I am still hugely impressed. It reminds me of the first two years of our relationship, at that time 20+ years ago we fucked like rabbits at every opportunity. I was capable of having 4 or 5 orgasms several days in a row and still geting a hard on which is sadly a far cry from what I can manage now. Oh well… It is good that my orgasms are now severely reduced.

        My first PIV sex in 2019 hasn’t occurred yet. She had me hold my penis at the entrance of Her swollen pussy on Sunday and to rub against it, but She wouldn’t let me enter. You can imagine my frustration, however, I managed not to beg. She orgasmed impaled on the big dildo (operated by me) and then masturbated me to ejaculation while I was sucking the dildo clean.

        My Wife’s panties play a big role in teasing me. It is always the worn panties, the dirtier the better as far as I am concerned. Clean panties without Her scent have no impact on me. Sometimes She leaves the panties on my pillow or in some other obvious location. It is an invitation to play with myself while I sniff them, but I am not allowed to cum. Sometimes I do it with Her watching. Quite frequently She has me wear the pair She wore the day before to work or even to gym. It is a terrible tease for me, in the evening they are crusted with my dried precum and when She sees it She scolds me for being such a dirty horny boy. But I know She likes it that She can make me behave like a desperately horny teenager.

        If I go away for several days She is kind enough to let me pack a pair of Her dirty panties and/or stockings to remind me of Her while I am away. She also regularly sends me photos of Herself. I can wear, sniff and lick the panties and masturbate to the smell of Her pussy, ass and feet but usually I am strictly forbidden to cum. Yes, I could cheat, but I don’t.

        I love it when my Wife plays roughly with my balls (pulling, squeezing, slapping, even biting them). When She fucks my face in the 69 position She sometimes uses my balls and penis as a handle and when She starts cumming She really abuses them, my balls can stay tender for the whole day.

        What I am describing doesn’t happen every day, but I always look forward to the next time of intense play. Of course I would like it to happen more often, but I am not the one calling the shots.

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        1. I am thankful my wife likes the feel of my cock in her or I could be in you position, being teased and the juicy delight right in front of me.
          I can masturbate if I ask permission but am not allowed to cum doing that. Mostly, that just works me up and makes me want her dominance more. Masturbating without her there is not at all as apealing as sex acts with her.
          I know what you mean about “not every day” the really good things never come up enough but maybe that’s what makes them really good.

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        2. You’re lucky indeed. And incredibly potent as it would seem.

          My dear Wife assures me that She adores my little penis no matter what, but orgasms She is having now are crazy powerful and I tell Her again and again to do only what feels most satisfying to Her. She admits I completely spoiled Her sexually with this big vibrator/dildo combined with what I do and how I do it with my tongue and mouth. Giving oral sex has always been my prefered kind of sex. But yes, I would dearly like to get more vaginal sex and more frequent orgasms than I am getting since last summer. I got another long and merciless teasing session yesterday in the morning with no release. I cannot stop thinking about sex and my Wife nearly every free moment and I pamper Her as much as I can.

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        3. That’s been my mission for the past 2 1/2 years – for my wife to do what brings her the most joy. I love seeing her in those states. Funny how our situations are a bit reversed. I would like to give more oral sex but it’s not high on my wife’s list. She does enjoy it when she lets me but I would give that to her every day if asked.

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        4. Oh yes, I also love to see my Wife sexually satisfied and happy. In non sexual ways too, but sex is the driving force for me (much less for Her, I know). Sex is now really almost all about Her. I asked for this repeatedly and my Wife finally seems to be really comfortable with it and also pushes the boundaries without my intervention in other areas! Unlike Women in many couples She still spends more time doing domestic chores than me, since I work much longer hours than She (financially I am the major provider). But there are new changes there as well. A couple of weeks ago She appeared angry in our living room. She grabbed my ear, twisted it painfully (for the first time ever!!) that I yelped and dragged me to the bathroom. She never ever did this before! It turned out I left the toilet a bit messy (not on purpose, I do clean after myself) just minutes after She throughly cleaned it. I was given a real scolding and some more vicious ear twisting that made me moan, my ear was on fire. I apologized, dropped to my knees and cleaned it thoroughly again under Her supervision and guess what, toilet cleaning is now my new regular weekly job which I better do perfectly or else…! I was shocked, embarrassed, and turned on at the same time.

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        5. I know what you mean, shocked, embarrassed and turned on.
          I have been cleaning our master bath and the downstairs powder room for over a year now and I now appreciate being neat while using them. I think my wife really likes that I clean the bathrooms.

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        6. I just spent a wonderful weekend in complete servitude to my dominant Wife. I just posted about it on Dorinda’s blog. I think My Wife is starting to see the benefits of dominating me sexually outside sex. We haven’t even had any real sex (She didn’t want any). The way it went was entirely spontaneous, Her order to fix Her a bath on Friday evening started it. Her idea, no plans, just plain Female domination. Some of it sexual, most of it not (but now I get an erection even from cleaning the toilet after Her) I got a 2-day glimpse of what a 24/7 domestic FLR might look like. Including many chores, tease and denial but sadly no sex. I loved it.

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        7. And so it begins. 🙂
          I have always had a little reservation of how far this would go if my wife really went all in… and if I would love it or wanted what I have done.
          I will jump over to D’s blog and read you recap.


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