Three days had passed since my last vacation orgasm. I had earned four orgasms previously for excellent service to Sweetness but have only used two so far. She had me masturbate until I came on my face in front of a mirror and fuck her from behind – pulling out and cumming on her ass. As I must do with all my orgasms I then clean up my cum by eating it.


I hadn’t brought up my two remaining orgasms as I want it to be for Sweetness and not for me. It looked like I would probably only get one more as vacation time was running out. We were just finishing her nightly foot massage when she told me to submit to her. I turned around and positioned myself over her. I was on my hands and knees. She was laying under me with my balls in her hand and her mouth by my ear. “You’re mine and you do as I say.” She whispered. I’m sure she could feel my cock swelling. “I control your orgasms and I tell you when you can cum.” She was gently stroking my cock as it grew in her hand. “I am never giving this power back to you. You will serve me forever.” My back arched and I groaned with the excitement of hearing her talk like that. “Sweetness I want to fuck you now.” “I want that too. Slip into me like this as I’m not done talking to you.” I repositioned so my cock was between her legs. She pulled her knees up, I entered her, and laid down resting my head next to hers so my ear was by her mouth.

Oblivious to what was impending, Sweetness let me fuck her for a few minutes before She purred in my ear, “My Love, I have made a decision about your orgasms and you are finished for this vacation.” I had mixed feelings about this but continued pumping my cock in and out of her. It was very thrilling that she was cutting me off but I also really wanted to have her make me cum and eat it for her. She continued. “I want to save them for our next vacation.” I slowed my thrusts as I could feel the words she was saying were beginning to bring me closer to the edge. “In fact. I’m considering not letting you cum again until we are on that vacation.” I paused. Not for the harshness of the comment but because it sounded so dominant and thrilling that I would have cum if I continued. Our next vacation was almost exactly a month away. “I may let you cum on Memorial Day but I haven’t decided.” Wow. She had me craving her dominance and I was happy to obey her wishes, whatever they may be.


Everything was packed and we were ready to check out. “My Love, I want you to fuck me from behind one more time in front of the mirror before we leave.” She didn’t have to ask twice we were naked and I was erect in less than a minute. Sweetness kneeled on the bed and positioned herself for a good view as she looked back into the mirror. I stood by the bed corner and slid my eager shaft into her, not stopping until my hips met her gorgeous ass. I pumped a few long firm strokes.

“Mmmm, that’s what I want to remember on the way home.” She teased. “Oh Baby.” I pleaded. “You make it hard to keep from wanting to cum in you.” I protested. “Well remember, you are not to cum. I have not decided yet if you will even get to cum again until our next vacation.” My cock bulged at her directness. Would she really cut me off for a month? I had to slow down. My mind was racing with fantasies of her dominance. As though she sensed it she abruptly cut me off. Pulling forward she extracted herself from the reach of my thrusting shaft. “I think you have enough to think about and we need to get moving.” She hopped off the bed and proudly looked at me still standing there with my cock stiff and throbbing in the air unable to comprehend everything that was happening.  I would have plenty to think about on the trip home.


4 thoughts on “Vacation Fun – Part 2

  1. Such a luscious feeling when the power is exerted that way!! I’m feeling everything that you are as my Queen does this to me all the time. It sometimes takes Angus quite a while to relax after such a session.

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  2. Nothing beats the feeling xou get when your Woman and Mistress actively (with words or deeds) dominates your sexuality, does it? I know this so very well, it’s like a drug, I want to do anything and everything for my Wife when She rubs the head of my penis, precum in free flow, and She says NO and stops, only to be followed by a command to either lick Her or fuck Her with a dildo to a powerful orgasm. I know She is now getting a kick out of tormenting me like this. And I never have any idea when and how I will be allowed to have an orgasm…

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