Since our last vacation I earned 5 orgasms. Adding the two left from that vacation I had seven available for this ten day jaunt. Unfortunately, I had and unauthorized release and lost two of them.

Sweetness had been debating my first orgasm knowing it would be a lot after 27 days. She had been talking about making me cum on a frozen cocktail and drinking it. It turned into wanting me to do this at a restaurant. Since I would not be able to orgasm in the drink at the moment she developed the following plan.

I was to masturbate into a pill bottle and carry it with me to the restaurant. She would order my drink and then order me to pour my cum over it. We would then dine while I drank my cum cocktail.

My cum vessel next to my vacation bath towel.
Preparing to fill with Sweetness only observing

Just about done and no spills

It was very erotic walking to the restaurant with a bottle of my cum knowing Sweetness was going to make me pour it on my drink in public. We chose an outside table. There were several tables with people around us one with three young women who were quite loud. This added to Sweetness’s enjoyment to do it in front of them.

Adding the special sauce to the rum cocktail

This was fun for both of us and is likely to be repeated. I will be offline for the next several days and will continue with stories of additional orgasms… if they are granted.


27 thoughts on “Vacation 2 -Orgasm 1

  1. That’s very exciting! We went to a fetish club once and my Queen took an empty beer glass (plastic) into the rest room. She filled it with her nectar and brought it out for me to drink. Very exciting to be doing that in a crowd while speaking with people.

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    1. Wow Michael, wow! I would love to be there and make a toast with a cup full of my Wife’s nectar. Unfortunately I cannot persuade Her to try any kind of water sports. Licking Her pussy after peeing is the max She has ever allowed me to do.

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        1. Yeah, maybe. I have a feeling this is one of those things She will never be comfortable with doing. Taking me anally wit a strap-on is another one…

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    2. My wife enjoyed this a lot and suggested next time she may make me wait until we are at the restaurant, then hand me a container and make me go to the bathroom and cum in it so it is thick and creamy when I pour it over the drink.
      Her only complaint was that it was watery after 40 to 60 minutes of sitting around.
      It was exciting to both of us to do this in public.

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  2. Nice, very nice. πŸ˜€
    I hope you are granted all earned orgasms and that Sweetness arranges the circumstances of your cumming and consuming your cum to be as close to openly public as possible. I know it would make it insanely hot for both of you guys. Enjoy you vacation!

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    1. Good for you Leighanne. After many years (decades) since trying (unsuccessfully) for the first time to make myself consume my cum after orgasm I can say with full confidence that I will never like the taste (or smell). Yes, I do it, reluctantly, when my Wife demands it (not often, luckily), but I don’t enjoy it while I am doing it. I do enjoy the feeling of submission and humiliation of eating cum afterwards when I am capable of arousal again, but immediately after orgasm – no way.
      I can only semi-enjoy licking my cum directly from my Wife’s pussy. Somehow eating pussy is enjoyable for me even immediately after ejaculation and then I don’t mind eating my cum in the process, because the taste and scent of aroused vagina overshadow everything. But this is all in the past now.

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        1. That’s right, I haven’t ejaculated inside my Wife’s vagina since 2016 I think. I have to pull out before I cum. But I cum so rarely now anyway.

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        2. I know, so do (did) I. At first it was because She dropped Her last contraception (it was causing Her problems) and She didn’t feel like trying something new. Now it’s just one element of Her domination, as is frequent penetration and orgasm denial. It’s humiliating and very exciting at the same time.

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      1. Since I must wait a long time between ejaculations I do enjoy eating it now. I am kept on a regular dose of ED medicine to ensure I have a stiff erection every time I am spanked or paddled (twice daily or she is holding me by the hard to tell me to be on my knees naked ready for a spanking when she gets home from work. She will coax me to drip precum which I love to eat since it tastes so good. I tend to have very wet panties all the time now as well as I get erections at the slightest amount of teasing. I get erect when she texts

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        1. Thanks for getting back Leighanne. I also take ED pills sometimes (I have mild ED, venous insuficiency, I frequently start losing full erection after 5-10 minutes of hard wood), but now much since my Wife rarely lets me enter Her (She prefers oral sex and a big vibrating dildo for deep vaginal orgasms). She doesn’t spank me hard a lot (only for major screw ups or disobedience) but when She does I end up with a shrunken little willy. I do get erect again soon afterwards no matter how much my ass and thighs burn. I also get a lot of teasing and dripping precum is practically my trade mark (I leak a lot, I mean really a lot, my underware, sometimes Her dirty panties from the day before, is always caked with my dried precum in the evening. I have no problem consuming my precum, but that’s because I am so aroused and horny that I would do practically anything no matter how humiliating for a little more sexual attention.


    2. Thanks for reading Leighanne.
      90 days is impressive. My longest has been 27 days.
      My wife has made me cum on a spoon and eat it. She would hold it and make me masturbate until I was on the edge. Then I had to stop and ruin the orgasm so it would just ooze out onto the spoon. We did it once where I didn’t stop and I had a bigger mess to clean up – it shot right over the spoon.


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